Cemeteries and graveyards, full of love, betrayal, tragic deaths, murder, and suicide. What will you find?

Sunday 28 April 2013

Cemetery Sunday - Her Charm and Loving Ways

Memorial to Elsie May Dean, All Saints Churchyard, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead Berkshire.

"Elsie May Dean 1913 - 1956 - Beloved wife of John and Mother of Adrian and Deirdre - Her charm and loving ways endeared her to all"

I have found very little out about Elsie May, but the verse on the gravestone intrigues me.  I wonder what kind of wife and mother she was.  Happy?  Always ready to a cuddle and a smile?  Did she always have a kind word for those around and was nothing too much trouble when it came to helping others. 

She was only 43 when she passed away.  Was she ill?  Did she have an accident?  Was her passing sudden and did she get to say goodbye to those that loved her so well.  How many mourned her passing and came to her funeral.

These are the question and many more that lie behind every gravestone in every churchyard and cemetery.  This is what keeps me interested in those that lie beneath our feet.


  1. Welcome back your posts have been sourly missed.

  2. Thanks for linking up on Taphophile Tragics. :) I understand what you're talking about here in your post --- my curiosity about people is part of what drives me to take the photos that I do. Sometimes, I'm able to find out some details, and other times, the person's life (and death) remain a mystery.

  3. Thanks for linking up on Taphophile Tragics. :) I find I often wonder about the lives (and deaths) of the people whose markers I photograph. I'm always grateful when I can find a little something, but sometimes, the person remains a mystery.


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