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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Townsend - Misty Morning

The mist shrouded angel monument of Philip Limbrach Townsend and his second wife Louisa Townsend nee Banger. All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, All Saints Avenue, Maidenhead Berkshire.

Philip Limbrach Townsend died March 21st 1927 aged 71 years.
Lousia Townsend died 19th December 1936 aged 70 years.

Philip Limbrach Townsend was born in 1856 in St Anns, Soho, Middlesex, to parents Philip Townsend and Jane Townsend nee Sims. His unusual middle name comes from that of his paternal grandfather, Limborough Townsend. It seems that over the years Philip's middle name was incorrectly recorded before becoming the name that adorns his grave, Limbrach. Philip Snr was listed on the 1861 Census as being a Dairyman and Cow Herder, a career that his son was to follow him in.

In Westminster in 1878 Philip Limbrach married Elizabeth Weston. Their marriage was to be a tragically short one. In 1884 they were blessed with the birth of their son Owen Stanley Townsend, who was to sadly die aged 12 in 1896. January 1886 saw the arrival of their second child, a son Aubrey Edward Townsend. Sadly Elizabeth died that very same month, possibly through childbirth or complications afterwards.

In 1888 in Abingdon, Berkshire Philip Limbrach marries his second wife Louisa Banger. In 1901 Philip Limbrach is a Dairy Man living in Paddington London along with his wife Louisa and his son from his first marriage Aubrey, by now an Apprentice Electrical Engineer, and his other children Elsie Margueritee born 1889, Cecil Philip Limbrach born 1892 and Dorothy May born 1894

By 1911 The family had moved to Lawnfield House, Bath Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire.  However on the night of the census, Philip, now working as a auctioneer, and his son Cecil were staying at the Marine Mansion Hotel on Marine Parade in Brighton, Sussex.  Sadly another tragedy was set to befall the family. Aubrey joined the Royal Fusiliers and sadly drowned near Huntingdon whilst bathing on 14th June 1919 aged 33. He left behind his widow Nellie Lavinia Townsend nee Clarke and is buried in a Commonwealth War Grave in Brampton Cemetery Huntingdonshire.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Andrew Neville Chirnside - Far From Home


Angel monument to Andrew Neville Chirnside who died on 17th May 1901 aged 12 years. All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, All saints Avenue, Maidenhead Berkshire.

Andrew Neville Chirnside was born in 1889 in Werribee, Victoria, Australia to Robert Chirnside and Alice Belinda Chirnside nee Ware. His father Robert was a member of one of the leading families of landowners in Australasia in the 1880's and by all accounts -

"A man of kindly heart and generous disposition, keenly interested in pastoral management and everything connected with country life, and taking a pride in having everything of the best around him."

Robert Chirnside passed away on 4th January 1900 after a three year illness which had started with a bad cold, eventually leading to trouble with the lungs. He left behind his widow Alice and five children, three sons and two daughters.

It was on 17th May 1901 during a trip back to England with his mother Alice, that Andrew was tragically struck by peritonitis which quickly proved to be fatal.

An article in The Adelaide Register records -

"The passengers by The Australia have been greatly shocked at the death of Andrew Neville Chirnside, 12 yr old son of the late Mr Robert Chirnside of Carranballac, Victoria, which took place on the passage between Plymouth and London on 17 May. Until reaching the later stage of the voyage the lad was in the full flush of youthful vigour but a seizure of peritonitis quickly proved fatal."

Mrs Chirnside later remarried to Sir Henry Hodges, who she also out lived.  Lady Alice Hodges passed away on 23rd November 1942 at Mount Macedon, Victoria, Australia.  Her obituary was placed in the Melbourne Argus the day after her death.

"By the death of Lady Hodges, 83, at her home Dreamthorpe, Mt Macedon, yesterday, charitable institutions, especially those concerned with the welfare of children, have lost a very fine patroness.  Many charities have benefitted from inspections of the lovely gardens of Dreamthorpe, and it was one of the show gardens of Mt Macedon to be thrown open for charitable purposes.  Lady Hodges was born in the Western district, and was twice married.  Her first husband was the late Mr Robert Chirnside, and her second the late Sir Henry Hodges, of the Victorian Supreme Court Bench.  Her family consisted of 2 daughters (Mrs Mary Gwladis Roland and one deceased) and 3 sons, Messers. Robert Gordon Chirnside and Russell Melville Chirnside, and the late Mr Andrew Neville Chirnside. 

The funeral, which will be private, will take place on Wednesday, leaving Sleight's Chapel at 3pm for Springvale Crematorium."

It must have been extremely difficult for Alice to lose her first husband, two of her children and then her second husband.  It must also have been extremely difficult for her to leave her young son resting in a small town cemetery in England.


Tuesday 14 February 2012

Finch Family Grave - Snow Angel

The snow laden angel of 'The Finch Family Grave'. All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, All Saint's Avenue, Maidenhead Berkshire.

"William Michael Finch died 27th July 1919 aged 79 years.
Emily Finch died 29th July 1902 aged 61 years

Also of their only son William Alexander Finch died 18th August 1925 aged 59

Monument by Emmanuel Harris & Son, Monumental Masons, Beaumont Street London."

William Michael Finch was born in Hackney London in 1840 to Alexander Finch, a carpet planner, and his wife Caroline Harvey.  William later became a zinc worker by trade.

In 1841 nine-month-old William can be found living with his parents and elder siblings, Caroline Elizabeth, Alexander, and James in Ann's Place, Pritchard's Road, Hackney, London.

In 1851 the ten-year-old schoolboy William is still living with his parents at Ann's Place in Pritchard's Road; however, the family has grown to include George, Susannah and John.  Sadly, just two years later William's farther Alexander was to pass away in 1853, aged just 42. 

Pritchard's Road, Hackney, c1903

1861 finds the twenty-year-old William, now a zinc worker, living with his widowed mother and younger siblings, now including nine-year-old Caroline, at 29 Marian Square, Bethnal Green, London.

In 1864 William married Emily Prockter in Shoreditch London and on August 5th 1866, they were blessed with the birth of their only child William Alexander Finch.

In 1871 the young family can be found living at 271 Hackney Road, Hackney London. Where William and his wife Emily were still residing during the 1881 Census.  By this time William Alexander has left the family home and is now studying at Margate High School, in Kent.

In the 1891 Census William Snr was listed as living by own means at 76 Victoria Park Road, South Hackney, London along with his wife Emily, their son William, by now an architect and surveyor and their housekeeper Emily Lee.

On 26th August 1896 William Alexander married Emeline Blundell in Westminster, London

By 1901 William Michael, now retired, is still residing at 76 Victoria Park Road, South Hackney with his wife Emily.  Sadly, just a year later on 29th July 1902, Emily passed away.

Victoria Park Road, South Hackney.

Their son William and his wife Emeline are listed as living at Ray Park Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire.  On 27th February 1908, William Alexander and Emeline celebrated the birth of their child Michael William Finch.

In 1911 William Alexander and his young son can be found living at Ravenshoe, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire without Emeline, who I have been unable to trace.  That same year William petitioned Emeline for a divorce, citing a Theodore Gilsdorf. 

By 1911 the widowed William Snr is still residing 76 Victoria Park Road, South Hackney. Living with him and working as his housekeeper is his widowed sister-in-law, Emily's sister, Harriet Williamson. Also staying with them is Harriet's daughter Emily Williamson.  William Snr was to pass away just eight years later on 27th July 1919.

William Alexander was to pass away at his home, Ravenshoe in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire on 18th 1925.

Micheal William Finch would later move to Cornwall where he married Gertrude Joan Jones in 1977 at the age of 69. Sadly, Michael was to pass away that same year on 27th April.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Outram - Behind Every Stone Is A Story

All Saint's Cemetery,
Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

"Jessie Outram, born 7th December 1884 - died 17th October 1912 aged 27 years (after much suffering) and of Private Alexander Robert Outram of the 22nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, born 9th October 1878 - died 17th February 1917, killed in action in France aged 38."  

Such a tragic loss of two young lives, leaving behind their son Alexander Joseph Harold Outram who also died at a young age, 32 in Westminster London.

Jessie Outram was born Julia Maclean Le Sueur on 7th December 1884 in St Helier, Jersey, to parents Clement Francis Le Sueur, an Ironmonger and colourman (a person who deals in paints), and Eliza Le Marinel.  Jessie first appears on the 1891 Channel Islands Census, living with her parents and siblings in St Helier, Jersey.

In 1901 Jessie is still living with her family in St Helier, Jersey in a house called Mayfield.

Alexander Robert Outram was born on 9th October 1878 in Tanca Peru to parents Joseph Outram and Julia Margarita MacLean. Joseph Outram died in Tanca Peru on 21st November 1878, it was after this that Julia his wife returned to England with Alexander and his siblings. The 1901 Census finds them living at 22 Cleveland Square, Paddington, London, where 22-year-old Alexander is listed as being a banker's clerk. 

On 23 October 1904 in Jersey, Alexander Outram married Julia (Jessie) Le Sueur. Their Son Alexander Joseph Harold Outram was born on 11th July 1907 at Cleveland, Boyn Hill Avenue, Maidenhead.

In 1911 the family can be found living at 8 Western Esplanande, Hove, Sussex. A row of beach front properties.  Alexander Snr is listed as living by private means.  Visiting the family is Lilian Le Sueur, Jessie's younger sister.

Western Esplanande Villas being built.

Jessie was to pass away on 17th October 1912, aged just 27. Her gravestone mentions that she died, "after much suffering". I haven't been able to find any news reports or records of her death that would explain what that suffering may have been. 

In 1904 Alexander Sr joined the Volunteer Reserve and later The Royal Fusiliers on 7th June 1916 . He served with the Expeditionary Force in France from 1st December that year and was reported missing in action on 17th February 1917 after fighting near Petit Miraumont, France. He was later known to be killed in action on that date.

Pvt Alexander Robert Outram

On Wednesday 12th December 1917 the Maidenhead Advertiser reported as follows:

"A Requiem Mass - In connection with the death of Mr. Alexander Outram of "Cleveland," Boyne Hill avenue [sic], Maidenhead, (reported in out last issue), a Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Joseph's Church, Cookham-road, on Monday last, the celebrant being the Rev. Father Curtin. Mr. Outram was a widower, with a son of eleven years. His wife pre-deceased him a few years ago, and her remains rest in Maidenhead Cemetery." - Maidenhead Advertiser, Wednesday 12th December 1917.

Alexander Robert Outram was buried in the Regina Trench Cemetery in Miraumont, France.  An officer wrote of him:

"He had always proved himself and excellent solider and comrade," and that, "his loss would be keenly felt by his fellow-soldiers."

Young Alexander Joseph was orphaned at the age of 11 years and was sent to live with his paternal grandmother Julia Outram, who was to pass away on 22nd October 1929. The next record I can find of Alexander Joseph is from 1931 of him marrying Bertha Vivien Pearce in St Martin, London. Sadly, it doesn't seem the union was to last as by the 1939 Register Alexander is listed as divorced, living at Flat XVIII in the City of Westminster. Not long after, on the 7th January 1940, Alexander Joseph was to pass away at 18 Shepherd House, Sherpherd's Market, London, at the age of 32.

I wonder what brought them from Peru to Jersey and then to my hometown in Maidenhead. Why were they and their young son all fated to die so early and were they happy during the brief time they had together?

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