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Friday 30 May 2014

Flashback Friday - Emma and George James Hunt, 30 Years.

Monument to Emma and George James Hunt, Bray Parish Cemetery, Holyport Berkshire.

"In loving memory of Emma daughter of George and Emma Hunt who fell asleep March 21st 1905 aged 30 years - I came to Jesus as I was - and George James Hunt only son, who died May 31st 1910 aged 30 years - we loved them well but Jesus loved them best."

Emma Hunt was born in 1875 in Aldershot, Hampshire to George James Thomas Hunt, a confectioner and Emma Misselbrook.  George James Hunt was born in 1880 in Farnham, Surrey.

On the 1881 census six year old Emma and eleven month old George can be found living with their parents and thier sisters, Minnie aged five and Kate aged three, at Weybourne Lane in Farnham Surrey.  In 1889 George James Thomas Hunt passed away in Aldershot in Farnham, by 1891 the recently widowed Emma moved with her daughters to Kensington London, for some reason the eleven year old George is not with them.  It is possible that he is either staying with relatives elsewhere or at school, however I have been unable to find him from 1881 until his death in 1910.

In 1901, four years before Emma's untimely death she's listed as a parlour maid at Chuffs House, Holyport Berkshire for the Frumantte family.

The grapes and vine that adorn Emma and George's final resting place are said to represent the blood of Christ.

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Thomas and Martha Robinson, Market Gardeners

Memorial to Thomas and Martha Robinson, St Michael's churchyard, Bray, Berkshire, England.

"In Loving Memory of
Thomas Robinson
Who Died January 28th 1885
Aged 83 Years
- Them Also Which Sleep In Jesus Will God Bring With Him -
Also of
Martha Robinson
Wife Of The Above
Who Died January 1st 1892
Aged 81 Years
-The Memory Of The Just Is Blessed-"
Thomas Robinson was born in Hambleden, Buckinghamshire in 1802 to John Robinson and his wife Elizabeth.  Thomas was christened on 21st March 1802.
On 8th October 1833 Thomas married Martha Abdy at St Michael's Church in Bray, Berkshire.
In 1835 they celebrated the birth of their son, Thomas Jr, soon followed by George in 1837 and a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1839.
The young family first appears in the 1841 Census living in Windsor Road, Bray, Berkshire, where Thomas is working as a gardener. 
1842 saw the birth of a third son, Ephraim.  A second daughter Mary followed in 1845, a third daughter Louisa in 1847 and a fourth Sarah in 1851
At the time of the 1851 Census, Thomas and Martha are still residing in their home in Windsor Road.  Thomas Jr is now working as a bricklayer at the age of sixteen and fourteen year old George has left home to work as a errand boy for Mr Charles Jones, a baker in Bray.  In 1854 Thomas and Martha's youngest child, a son, William, was born.
In 1856 George Robinson marries Mary Pearson in Windsor, Berkshire.
Thomas and his family are still living at their home in Windsor Road, Bray by the time of the 1861 Census.  Thomas has now become a market gardener. Market gardens were relatively small scale productions of fruits and vegetables grown on a small area of land.  The produce was often sold direct to customers or to restaurants and Inns.  Elizabeth is working as a servant whilst living at home, while Ephraim has left home to work as a baker for Mr Henry Cowdery in Cookham High Street.  Interestingly on the 1861 Census, Ephraim is living next door to Sir Stanley Spencer's paternal grandfather, Julius Spencer.
George, now working as a baker, and his new wife Mary are lodging at The Cricketer's Beer House on Holyport Green in Holyport, Berkshire (now a private house).

Photo of Holyport, the Green 1909 - Francis Frith. The linked photograph shows Holyport Green in 1909.  The public house furthest from the camera is the George Inn which is still in business today.
In 1867 Thomas Jr marries Eliza House, daughter of Ephraim House of the Wheatsheaf Inn, Grazeley, Berkshire in Salford, Lancashire.
By 1871 Thomas and Martha had moved to Money Row Green in Holyport Berkshire.  At the age of seventy, Thomas is still working the land as a market gardener.  Staying with them at the time is their eldest son Thomas who has unfortunately fallen on hard times and is out of employment.  Elizabeth, Mary and William are still living with their parents.  Sarah has left home to work as a general domestic servant in the home of Mrs Elizabeth Stephenson at 1 Carlton Villas, Hencroft Street, Upton-cum-Chalvey in Slough, Berkshire. Louisa has moved to Grazeley in Berkshire to work as a house keeper for Ephraim House at the Wheatsheaf Inn.

The Wheatsheaf Inn as it is today.

© Copyright Andrew Smith
and licensed for reuse
under this Creative Commons Licence
George, his wife Mary and their daughter Eliza are living and running a bakery from 23 Oxford Road, Clewer in Windsor, Berkshire.
1881 finds the now elderly Thomas and Martha still living at their home in Money Row Green, Holyport.  At eighty years old Thomas is still listed as working as a gardener.  Elizabeth and William are still living with their parents.
Thomas Jr has taken over the running of the Wheatsheaf  Inn in Grazeley, Berkshire, along with his wife Eliza.  Thomas's sister Louisa is living and working at The Inn as an assistant.  Thomas's other sister Mary is visiting at the time.

Sarah has moved to Putney in London to work as a general domestic servant in the home of tea merchant D. Bigwood at 6 Ravenna Road.
Four years after the 1881 Census was taken, Thomas Snr passes away aged eighty three.
1891 finds the eighty one year old widowed Martha still living in Money Row Green in Holyport.  Martha's youngest son, William has taken over the market garden business but it is clear Martha is still in charge as her occupation is listed as a market gardener proprietress.

A year later Martha joins her husband in enternal rest at St Michael's churchyard in Bray.

St Michael's Church, Bray, Berkshire.

© Copyright - Rob Neild
and licensed for reuse
under this Creative Commons Licence 

Sunday 25 May 2014

Cemetery Sunday Blog Hop - Annie

To The Memory Of
St Michael's Churchyard Bray, Berkshire,

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Friday 23 May 2014

Flashback Friday- John and Elizabeth Day of Moor Farm, Holyport, Berkshire

Monument to John and Elizabeth Day, Bray Parish Cemetery, Holyport Berkshire.

"In loving memory of
John Day
died January 13th 1906
aged 56 years
at rest
'Thy will be done'.
And of
Elizabeth Day
died December 21st 1938
aged 85 years."

John Day was born  in 1849 in Shottesbrooke, Berkshire to John Day, a Farmer of 133 acres, employing 12 labourers, and Mary Ann Ashton.  John's mother Mary Ann passed away in 1874 and the family with widower John Snr can be found on the 1881 census living at Pond Wood Farm in Shottesbrooke Berkshire.  Visiting the family is Elizabeth Newport.

John married Elizabeth Newport on 13th July 1883 at st Barnabas Church in Islington Middlesex.  Together they had six children, four sons and two daughters. Sadly they were to experience the loss of their baby son Robert in 1901.

John passed away on 13th January 1906 leaving Elizabeth to take over their farm in Holyport.  Her sons John and Arthur Newport Day retrued to the family home at Moor Farm in Holyport to help their mother run the family business.  The Slough, Eton Observer reports at the time;

"Holyport.  Death of well-known local farmer.-  We regret to have to record the death on Saturday afternoon of a well-known and highly respected local farmer-Mr. John Day, of Moor farm, Holyport- after a short illness. Mr day, who formally lived at white Waltham, had farmed at Holyport for a number of years.  He was of a genial disposition, and had many friends.  He took a keen interest in local affairs, and at the time of his death he was a member of the Bray Parish Council.  Much sympathy is felt with Mrs. Day and her family in the great loss in which they have sustained."

Moor Farm is a 13th Century farm house that was first owned by John Atte More in 1270.  It is now a bed and breakfast with holiday cottages attached.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Lousia Munns, Elementary School Teacher

Memorial to Louisa Munns, All Saints Churchyard, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England.
"Louisa Munns
Who fell asleep in Jesus
On Sunday Sept 9th 1883
Aged 22 Years."
Louisa Munns was born in Maidenhead in 1860 to Stephen Munns, a tallow chandler, and his wife Phoebe Smith.
Louisa first appears on the 1861 Census aged only six months, she is living in Braywick Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, with her parents and elder siblings Henry Stephen and Phoebe
In 1871 Louisa, now aged ten, and her family have moved to 32 King Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Photo of Maidenhead, King Street 1904 - Francis Frith.
In 1881 Louisa, now twenty years old, is lodging at Alexandra Terrace, Windsor, Berkshire.  Her occupation is listed as an elementary school teacher.
Sadly just two years later on 9th September 1883, Louisa Munns passes away aged just 22 years.
Little than a year later on Friday 30th May 1884, Louisa's father had a serious accident at his home.  The Slough, Eton and Windsor Observer reported on Saturday 31st May 1884:
"A Fall - Whilst Constable Cullen was on duty at 9:40 in King's Street, on Friday evening, he heard screams and cries for help proceeding from the house of Mr. Stephen Munns, and on going there he ascertained that Mr. Munns had fallen down a flight of 13 stairs with two buckets of whitewash.  His head was on the floor whilst his legs lay on the bottom stair.  The constable who some time since passed an Ambulance examination for First Aid to the Injured, well sponged the mans face and rendered other necessary aid, and then sent for a surgeon.  Mr. Montgomery promptly attended, and found that Munns has sustained a fracture to the base of his skull, and an injury to one of this shoulders.  His life was at first despaired of, but he rallied, and he is now going on well."
Stephen lived for a further 16 years after his accident, passing away in 1900 in Maidenhead, Berkshire.


Slough Eton and Windsor Observer
Francis Frith

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Sunday 18 May 2014

Cemetery Sunday - Angel - All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery

Praying Angel
All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery
Maidenhead, Berkshire

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Friday 16 May 2014

Flashback Friday - Sarah Milbourne - Entered Into Rest

Monument to Sarah Milbourne, Bray Parish Cemetery, Holyport Berkshire.

"In loving remembrance of
Sarah Milbourne 
 Who entered into rest  
Feb 16th 1911 aged 63 years."

Sarah Milbourne was born Sarah Morgan in 1848 in Norton St Philip, Somerset to William Morgan, a labourer, and his wife Martha Meader.

Sarah first appears aged four years on the 1851 Census, living in Ringwell, Norton St Philip, Somerset with her parents and elder sisters, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Rebecca.  In 1861 she can be found living with her mother Martha while her father works away from home.

On the 1871 census return Sarah is listed as a cook and domestic servant for the Rev Henry Burney and his family at Vicarage House in Norton St Philip, Somerset. In 1872 Sarah married coachman Edward Milbourne. 

By 1881 they had moved from Somerset to Langley Berkshire with their three children, Edith Elizabeth, Martha and William Edward. 

Sometime between 1881 and 1899 Edward and Sarah Milbourne moved to Oakley Green in Bray, Berkshire where they made their living farming Oakley Green Farm. 

On Firday 21st January 1898 a fire broke out in a cottage at Oakley Green Farm which was attended by the Windsor fire Brigade at 4:40am.  The fire had been subdued by farm hands and was quickly extinguished.  However the two ground floor rooms of the cottage had been completely gutted.  While the cottage was insured through Sun Insurance, the furniture that was destroyed was not.

In 1899 Edward Milbourne was fined 5s for driving without a light through Eton.  The Slough, Eton and Windsor Observer reported on 22nd April 1899:


Edward Milbourne, of Oakley Green, was summoned for driving (a horse and cart) without a light at Eton.  Police-constable Stevens said at nine p.m. he saw the defendant driving through Eton College without a light. Defendant said the lamp accidentally went out just as he got to Eton.  He was walking very carefully and there was no traffic about.  Fined 5s."

1901 finds the family living and farming at Oakley Green Farm in Bray Berkshire.  The family had now expanded to include Walter, Herbert, Annie and Ethel. 

Sarah was failing in health by 1908 when her husband Edward placed an advert in the Hastings and St Leonard's Observer requesting a servant to "Attend a delicate or invalid lady or assist the lady in the house".

Sadly they were to experience the loss of their eldest son William Edward at the age of 29 in 1910.

Sarah passed away on 16th February 1911 not long before the 1911 census was taken in April.  The recently widowed Edward can still be found at Oakley Green Farm along with his four younger children.  Edward was to eventually join his wife and elder son at the age of 70 in 1916.  I have yet to find where they are buried.


Slough, Eton and Windsor Observer
Hastings and St Leonard's Observer
British Newspaper Archive

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Emma Lipscombe

Monument to Emma Lipscombe, All Saints Cemetery, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead. Berkshire.

fond Memory
Emma Lipscombe
Who fell asleep in Jesus
March 13th 1886 . Aged 69 Years.
For I reckon that the sufferings of the present
time, are not worthy to be compared with the
glory which shall be revealed in us."
Emma Lispcombe was born Emma Illsley on 21st September 1817 in Maidenhead, Berkshire to John Illsley a waggoner and carrier, and his wife Mary Kay.
On 4th September 1838 at St John the Baptist church, in Hoxton, Middlesex, Emma married Issac Lipscombe, a butcher.  They celebrated the birth of their first child, a daughter, Katherine Lousia Lipscombe in 1841.  The 1841 Census shows the young family living at Pitfield Street in Hoxton, Middlesex, where Issac worked as a butcher employing three assistants, one of which was Emma's younger brother Richard Illsley.  Sadly that same year little Katherine passed away.
In 1843 Emma and Issac celebrated the birth of their son Richard, followed by a second daughter Emma in 1844.  Sadly little Emma was to pass away two years later in 1846.  A third daughter for Emma and Issac was born in 1849, Mary Ann Lipscombe.  The 1851 Census finds the family living and working at Waymouth Terrace West in Haggerstone, Middlesex.
1853 saw the birth of another daughter in the Lipscombe family, Katherine Lucy Lipscombe, followed by her sister Elizabeth Emma Lipscombe in 1856.
The 1861 Census shows Emma Lipscombe visiting her elder brother, John Illsley, at his home in Maidenhead, Berkshire.  However she also appears on the same Census living at No.1 Bedford Cottages, Lambeth, Surrey, with her husband and three young daughters, Mary, Kathrine (Lucy) and Elizabeth.  On 24th May 1868 Richard Lipscombe marries Mary Ann Middleton at the Independent Chapel, Stamford, Lincolnshire.
Oddly in 1871 Issac appears as living in the common lodging house of Ann Argent at 182 Osborn Place in Tower Hamlets, London.  Issac's marital status is listed as being a widower.  Emma however is running her own boarding house in York Street, maidenhead along with her youngest daughter Elizabeth.  Issac seems to completely vanish from the records after the 1871 Census entry.  I cannot even locate a death for him.  Perhaps there was some sort of break down in their relationship.
In 1881 Emma can be found living at 3 Park Terrace in Maidenhead, Berkshire along with her eldest surviving daughter Mary and her youngest daughter Elizabeth.  Visiting at the time is Emma's now married daughter Katherine Lucy Bradford.  Emma's occupation is listed as being an Annuitant.
After Emma's death on 13th March 1886, Mary Ann Lipscombe went to live with her sister Katherine Lucy Bradford, her husband Samuel and their children in Lewisham, London.
Unfortunately I have been unable to trace Elizabeth Emma Lipscombe after the 1881 Census.
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Sunday 11 May 2014

Cemetery Sunday Blog Hop - Celtic Cross, All Saints Maidenhead, Cemetery

All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery
Maidenhead, Berkshire

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Friday 9 May 2014

Flashback Friday - Seabury and Coombs - Mother, Son and Father

Monument to Mary Ann and Maurice Seabury, Bray Parish Cemetery, Holyport, Berkshire.

"In loving remeberance of Mary Ann Seabury born March 4th 1858 died January 6th 1923
Also Maurice Seabury born March 16th 1900 deid july 23rd 1904
In The Hand of God."

Mary Ann Seabury was born Mary Ann Coombs on 4th March 1858 in Fifield, Bray Berkshire to Thomas Coombs, a labourer, and Sarah Lovejoy.

Three year old Mary can be found on the 1861 Census living on her paternal grandfather's farm in Fifield, along with her parents, elder half brother Thomas Lovejoy and younger sister Caroline Coombs.  The family are still living with John Coombs at his farm in 1871, however the family had expanded to welcome a further six children, Catherine, Annie, Samuel, William, Nelson and Arthur.

On the 1881 Census Mary Ann is listed as a housemaid with the Duncombe family of 8 Ashwood Road, Chelsea.  Mary married Joseph Seabury, a coachman and groom in 1887.  Their first son Joseph Neville Seabury was born in 1889, followed eleven years later by Maurice Henry Seabury.

In 1891 Mary Ann is living at 15 Warwrick Square Mews in Belgrave, London with her husband Joseph and their son Neville.

On the 1901 census, three years before Maurice was to pass away, the one year old boy can be found living with his parents and elder brother at 88 Ebury Mews in St George Hanover Square, London.  After Murice's death on the 1911 census the family can be found living at 205 Pavillion Road, Chelsea, London.

Joseph Seabury was to live without his wife for a further eighteen years, he passed away in 1941 aged 82

The ferns carved into the top of Mary and Maurice's gravestone symbolise sorrow and sincerity.

Buried next to Mary Ann and Maurice is Mary Ann's father Thomas Coombs, who passed away on 18th March 1903.  Thomas was born in Fifield, Berkshire in 1834 to John Coombs a farmer.  Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any information on Thomas's mother.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - The Britten Family - Queen Street Dairy, Maidenhead

Memorial to Thomas Britten, Mary Charlotte Britten (nee Ginders) and Thomas Ginders Britten, All Saints Churchyard, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

"In Loving Memory Of 
Thomas Britten
Born June 19th 1829 Died April 8th 1883. 
Also of
Mary Charlotte Britten
wife of the above
Born March 6th 1840 Died 28th Dec 1914
'her children rise up and call her blessed'
Also of
Thomas Ginders Britten
son of the above
Born Jan 6th 1870 died Feb 2nd 1913
Buried At Sea"
"The Eternal God Is Thy Refuge. And Underneath Are The Everlasting Arms"
Thomas Britten was born in Stoke Bliss, Herefordshire on 19th June 1829 to John Britten, a farmer of 250 Acres, and his wife Sarah.
In 1851, fifteen year old Thomas is working as an assistant draper whilst living with his parents and older brothers Edward and John at the family's farm in Laysters, Herefordshire.
By 1861, Thomas Britten was working as a draper's assistant in Liverpool for Woolright's Silk Mercer and Carpet Dealer, 18-22 Bond Street.  However in 1865 Thomas Britten set up his own drapery shop at 54 Argyle Street, Birkenhead, Ginders and Britten, having married Mary Charlotte Ginders that same year on 9th August.
Mary Charlotte Ginder was born in Ingestre, Staffordshire in 1840 to Jeremiah Ginders II, a brick works industrialist, and his wife Ellen Marsh.  Mary's father passed away when she was only 3 years old in 1843, leaving her mother Ellen and her siblings well provided for.  Mary lived with her widowed mother and siblings at 13 Church Street in Birkenhead until her marriage to Thomas Britten in 1865.  There are some accounts that the Ginder family were not happy with the arrangement and felt Thomas was not a good match for Mary as he was 'socially inferior' being 'trade'.
In 1866 Thomas and Mary celebrated the birth of their first child, a daughter,  Charlotte Thomasine Britten, followed closely by a son, Thomas John Britten in 1867.  Sadly baby Thomas was to pass away that same year.  Another daughter Julianne Britten was born in 1868, followed by a son Thomas Ginder in 1870 and a third daughter, Ellen Elizabeth in 1871.  That same year, the Britten family were living above their drapery shop in Argyle Street, Birkenhead

Argyle Street, Birkenhead
Ginders and Britten was located opposite
the Argyle Theatre.
Source: Wirral History.net
In 1873 another daughter, Mary Louise was born, followed by another daughter, Jessie in 1875, followed by Florence in 1876.  1877 saw the birth of a son, Robert Victor and 1879 saw the birth of Thomas and Mary's youngest child, a son, Edward.  Sadly 1879 also saw the passing of Thomas and Mary's eldest child, 12 year old Charlotte Thomasine.
However, it seems that perhaps the Ginder family had a greater reason for their disapproval in Thomas Britten other than his social standing, as the drapery business soon failed.
By 1881 Thomas had moved his family to Maidenhead in Berkshire where they ran a small dairy shop from 9 Queen Street.  Sadly Thomas was to pass away two years later in 1883, leaving Mary penniless with eight surviving children to support.  Mary had no choice but to take over the running of the Dairy shop in Queen Street.

9 Queen Street, Maidenhead
As it is today 2014
The 1891 Census shows Mary as running the dairy business from 9 Queen Street, her daughter Ellen is working as a governess while Jessie, Florence, Robert and Edward are all attending school.  Thomas Ginder Britten, now working as a drapers assistant, is visiting the family of William Hutchinson in Croydon, London.  Soon after Thomas Ginder enrolled in the army and served as a Private during the Second Boer War with the 7th Royal Dragoon Guards.  Thomas soon became a hard drinker.
On the 1901 Census Mary Charlotte Britten can be found visiting her sisters Elizabeth Pike and Julia Nicholson in Malvern, Worcestershire, along with her daughters Julianne, Mary Louise and Florence.  Mary's daughter remained in Malvern to run a private school for girls.  The venture was sort lived.
Mary was still running the dairy business in 1905 when she was summoned to court for "selling milk being 13 per cent deficient in fat",  as reported in the Slough, Eton and Windsor Observer on January 14th 1905.  The case was dismissed due to the summons being wrongly served.
By 1911 Edward, Mary's youngest son Edward had taken over the running of the dairy business.  Unfrotunately Edward was feckless and the business soon began to decline under his control.  After his wife Sarah's death in 1925, Edward emigrated to Canada and his eldest son, also Edward to Australia.  There is a rumour that Edward's younger children were simply packed off to an orphanage, but I haven't been able to find any evidence.

Mary Charlotte has moved to Killarney, 4 The Crescent, Maidenhead.  At the age of 71 her occupation is listed as a director in a dairy business.  Living with Mary are her three daughters, Mary, Jessie and Florence, all who which have varying roles in the dairy business.  Visiting Mary at the time is her elder sister, Julia Marbella Nicholson.

The Creamery
A similar dairy located at
76 Queen Street, Maidenhead
c1908 Source: Maidenhead Advertiser
Private Thomas Ginder stayed on in South Africa after the Second Boer War, however his heavy drinking was soon to catch up with him.  Sadly, Thomas Ginder passed away on 2nd February 1913, after suffering from Delirium Tremens due to acute alcohol withdrawal on his passage back to England on The Edinburgh Castle.  He was subsequently buried at sea.

The Edinburgh Castle, leaving Cape Town, 
South Africa.

Mary Charlotte passed away a little less than a year later on 28th December 1914.
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Free BMD
Slough, Eton and Windsor Observer
Maidenhead Advertiser
Wirral History.Net
Family Search
My Brother Benjamin by Beth Britten

Sunday 4 May 2014

Cemetery Sunday - Mr. James May of Bath

"In Affectionate Memory Of
Mr. James May
of Bath
Who departed this life
February 7th 1870 Aged 26 years
I am the resurrection and the life
whosoever believeth in me shall not
perish but have everlasting life"

Friday 2 May 2014

Jack Clayton - Flim Director - "You Walked Tallest Amongst Men My Love"

Memorial to Jack Clayton, All Saints Churchyard, Bisham, Berkshire.

"Jack Clayton 1921 - 1995 film director
You walked tallest amongst men my love."

Jack Clayton was born on 1st March 1921 in Brighton.  He started his career in film as a child actor in 1929 on the film Dark Red Roses.  Later aged fifteen he started work at Denham Film Studios, working his way up from tea boy to assistant director.

 During World War II in 1944 whilst serving as a photographer with the Royal Air Force Film Unit, Clayton shot his first film, the documentary, Naples is a Battlefield.  His first feature was the internationally acclaimed Room at the Top in 1959, a harsh indictment of the British class system, which won two Oscars and earned Clayton a Best Director nomination.

Other films directed by Jack Clayton include, The Innocents (1961),  The Pumpkin Eater (1964), Our Mother's House (1967), The Great Gatsby (1974), Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983), The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne (1988), starring the late Bob Hoskins.  In 1993 he produced and directed a Film for the BBC, Memento Mori.

Jack married actress Christine Norden (born Mary Lydia Thornton) in 1947, they divorced in 1953, later that same year he married Katherine Kath (born Lily Faess) who he was to divorce also.  Finally in August 1984 he married actress Haya Harareet, who he remained married to until his death on 26th February 1995 in Slough, Berkshire, after suffering heart and liver problems.


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