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Sunday 28 April 2024

Beloved Wife - Lilian Mabel Humfrey

All Saint's Cemetery,
Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

"In Loving Memory of
Lilian Mabel
The Beloved Wife of 
James Herbert Humfrey
Born July 21st 1865.
Died March 12th 1909."

Lilian Mabel Humfrey was born Lilian Mabel Boutcher on 21st July 1865 in Paddington, London, to parents William Boutcher an Architect, and Eliza Milliship. She was baptised on 22nd November 1865 at All Saint's Church, Kensington, London.

Lilian first appears on the 1871 Census living at 128a Lancaster Road, Kensington, London, with her parents and siblings. Living with the family is Eliza's mother Margaret Milliship, and two servants Emma Bartlett and Ellen King.

1881 Lilian is still living at the family home in Lancaster Road, Kensington, with her parents and siblings. Also at the address is Hannah Peck a Domestic Cook, and Matilda White a Housekeeper.

Lancaster Road, Kensington, London.

By 1891 the family had moved to the village of Cores End in Wooburn, Buckinghamshire. On April 20th 1899 in Maidenhead, Berkshire, Lillian married James Herbert Humfrey an Auctioneer.

1901 finds the couple living in College Avenue with their servant Edith Vernon.  Their first child, a daughter Eileen Lilian Humfrey was born in 1901, a son Brian Boutcher Humfrey followed in 1902, and the youngest child, a son Eric Bertram Humfrey was born in 1905.

Sadly, Lilian was to pass away four years after the birth of Eric, on 12th March 1909.

By 1911 the widowed James Humfrey has moved his family to Rosemont, 9 Cookham Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire. Living with the family is Florence Emma Stone, who James would later marry on 1st June 1911 at Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, Paddington, London.

Sunday 21 April 2024

Until the Day Break and the Shadows Flee Away - Mary Jane and John Theophilus Scott M.B.E

All Saint's Cemetery,
Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.


"In Loving Memory
Mary Jane Scott
Who Fell Asleep
June 12th 1926
In Her 63rd Year
'Unti the day break, and the shadows flee away.'

Also of John Theophilus Scott M. B. E
'Called Home' March 25th 1930
'Absent from the body, present in the Lord.'
'Jesus hath vanquished death and all it's powers.'

Mary Jane Scott was born Mary Jane Griffin in Trowbridge, Wiltshire to parents James Griffin a Carman (a horse drawn delivery vehicle or tram), and Elizabeth Culverhouse in 1863. She was baptised on 2nd April 1871, along with her sisters Ann Elizabeth and Martha Ada at St Barnabas Chruch, Kensington, London.

St Barnabas Church, Kensington, London.

Mary and her family can be found on the 1871 Census living at 19 Warwick Road, Kensington. Sadly, Mary's father James was to pass away in 1878.  By 1881 the widowed Elizabeth Griffin has moved with her daughters, Mary Jane, Elizabeth Ann, Martha Ada, and little Jessie Georgina to what appears to be a house of multiple occupancy, 78 Springvale Terrace, Kensington.

On 7th February 1884 at St John's Church in Chelsea, Mary married John Theophilus Scott, a company Time Keeper.

~ ~ ~

John Theophilus Scott was born in 1862 in New Brompton, Kent to parents George Gordon Scott a soldier, and Louisa Maria Bristow.  John's father George passes away sometime between 1862 and 1864 as Lousia marries again in 1864 to an Edward Luke.

The 1871 Census finds the young John boarding at the house of George Luke (possibly a relative of Edward Luke) an Inspector of the Railway and Mary his wife at 18 Craven Cottages, Hammersmith, London. Visiting at the time of the Census is John's elder brother George Gordon Scott, a Railway Clerk.

1881 and John has moved to the home of Stephen Ralph's a Crane Fitter on Railway, house at 137 Droop Street, Chelsea, London. John is listed as an Assistant Inspector on the Railway.

~ ~ ~

1881 finds John and Mary living at 48 Rednall Terrace, Hammersmith, London, where John is listed as a Sub Inspector of Machinery at Railway. Living with John and Mary are their children, George Gordon born 1885, Douglas John born 1883, and Henry James born 1889. Visiting the family is Mary's younger sister Ann Elizabeth Griffin who is listed as Mother's Help.

By 1901 the family had moved to 143 Grenfell Road, Maidenhead Berkshire. John is now a Railway Inspector of the permanent way and works, looking after the railway track and keeping it in good repair. John and Mary had welcomed another son into the family in 1891, Alfred Keith. Living with the family are Mary's younger sister Jessie Georgina as a Mother's Help, and Rose Alice Emily Webb a Dress Marker's Assistant, Mary's younger half-sister.

The family are still living at 143 Grenfell Road, now named Keith Villa, where John is listed as a Railway Inspector, Civil Engineering Department. Douglas John and Alfred Keith are Railway Clerks, and Henry James is an Assistant Civil Service Clerk.

Grenfell Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

On 16th January 1916 Sergeant Henry James Scott died from his wounds in France. Less than 9 months later Sergeant Major Alfred Keith Scott D.C.M, was killed in action during the Somme on 13th October 1916. Alfred was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for gallantry in the field in the face of the enemy. 

Sergeant Major Alfred Keith Scott

On the 30th of April 1918 Sergeant Douglas John Scott was killed in action while serving in Isarel and Palestine. Each of the brother's epitaphs is, 'Until the Day Break and the Shadows Flee Away.'  The Maidenhead Advertiser reported on May 15th 1918:

"The Supreme Sacrifice

Mr. and Mrs. Scott of King's Grove, Maidenhead, yesterday, received notice from the War Office that their son Sergt. Douglas John Scoot, of the 2nd Battalion London Scottish, was killed in Action on April 30th, while serving with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in Palestine." - Maidenhead Advertiser, Wednesday 15th May 1918. 

Sergeant Douglas John Scott

John Theophilus Scott was awarded the Member of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order, M.B.E for his services to ensuring safety as a Permanent Way Inspector for the Great Western Railway, on July 3rd 1925. Less than a year later, Mary Jane was to pass away on June 12th 1926. John soon followed Mary on 25th March 1930.

On the 26th March 1930 the following appeared in the Births, Marriages, and deaths column of the Maidenhead Advertiser:

"Scott - On March 25th at 5 St Luke's-road, Maidenhead, John Theophilus Scott, M.B.E., (for many years Permanant Way Inspector for G.W.R.) "Called Home." Funeral at 3p.m., at Maidenhead Cemetery." - Maidenhead Advertiser, Wednesday 26th March 1930.

George Gorden Scott was the only child of John and Maty's not to pass away in World War one. By 1912 he had moved to Gloucester, Gloucestershire, and married Ethel Ricketts. George and Ethel had two sons, Henry Douglas Keith born in 1916, and John Theophilus born in 1919. George continued to work for the railway until his own death in 1953.

Sunday 14 April 2024

To Memory Ever Dear, Friend of the Sick and Suffering - Jennie (Keziah) Wilton the Fishmonger's Wife

All Saints Cemetery, Maidenhead,
Berkshire, UK.

All Saints Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.


"In Memoriam

The Beloved Wife of David Wilton
Who Died December 1st 1899
Aged 50 Years
To Memory Ever Dear."

Jennie was born Keziah Ann Brown in 1847 in Worplesdon, Surrey to Frederick Brown, a Labourer, and Mary Calligan.

Jennie first appears on the 1851 Census as Keziah living with her parents, elder sister Mary, and two younger brothers, Frederick and James in Worplesdon, Surrey. Sadly, Jennie's father Frederick was to pass away in 1858.

1861 finds Jennie listed as Ann Brown living in Wood Street, Worplesdon, Surrey with her mother Mary and stepfather James Lemon, however I have been unable to locate a marriage record.

Worplesdon, Surrey, UK.

In 1871 Jennie has moved to Maidenhead where she is living and working as a Cook at Vicarage House, Boyn Hill for the Vicar of Boyn Hill Chruch, William Gresley. Jennie married David Wilton, a Fishmonger and Poulterer in 1873 in St Saviour, Southwark, London.

Boyn Hill Vicarage House and Alms Houses,
Boyn Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

By 1881 Jennie and David have moved to 99 High Street Maidenhead, where they live with their young daughter Lizzie, and their Domestic Servant, Susan Hunt.

1891, Jennie and David have moved to 93 High Street, Maidenhead, Lizzie does not appear to be living with her parents and I am unable to find any record of her on the 1891 Census. Living with the family however is David's cousin Edward Randell, a Fishmongers Assistant, Fanny Maher a Bookkeeper, and Sarah Keely a Domestic Servant.  Visiting on the night of the Census are Kate Marshall, and her daughter Katie Marshall.

Jennie was to pass away on 1st December 1899 aged 52 not 50 as her gravestone states, if her Baptism record of 1847 is correct.

The Maidenhead Advertiser reported on Jennie's death as follows:

"Death of Mrs Wilton. The Sick and Suffering Poor Lose Another Friend.

It is with feelings of profound regret that we record the death of Mrs. Wilton, the wife of our esteemed townsman, Mr. d. Wilton (Deputy-Mayor), which occurred suddenly Friday afternoon at her residence, High-street. For some considerable time past Mrs. Wilton had suffered from occasional attacks of asthma and congestion of the lungs, and was subsequently much confined to her house. She was in a very fair state of health on Tuesday and spent a little time out of doors. Not feeling so well on Wednesday, she remained in-doors and went to bed early in the evening. On Thursday she seemed much worse, and in the afternoon her condition was such as to give rise to feelings of alarm, and Dr. Moore regarded the case as one of very serious character. 

The deceased breathed her last in the presence of her sorrowing husband and daughter. The primary cause of death was failure of the heart's action, contributed to by asthma and congestion of the lungs. By the death of Mrs. Wilton the sick poor have lost a practical friend, and she will be greatly missed by very many.

The funeral of the late Mrs. Wilton took place yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, and was one of the largest private funerals every known int he town and neighbourhood, and the enormous collection of wreaths, no less than the numerous attendance of people of all classes, testified of the love and respect for the deceased lady, the great regret at her death, and the heart-felt sympathy for Mr. Wilton and his daughter (Mrs Markham) in the bereavement they have sustained." - Maidenhead Advertiser, Wednesday 6th December 1899.

On the 1901 Census, the widowed David can be found still living at 93 High Street, Maidenhead, along with Annie Hester a Bookkeeper, Annie Mines, a Domestic Servant, and Ellen Butler, a Cook.  David got remarried in Wandsworth in 1910 to Freda De La Mare. By the 1911 Census they had moved to 8 Comyn Road, Clapham Junction, London.

Clapham Junction, London, UK.

In the October of 1911 David and Freda welcomed their only child, David. in 1939 the family had moved to 38 Richmond Street in Bournemouth, where David Senior is listed as being a Retired Steward of Club, Fredia listed as Winifred is a Stewardess, and David Jr is a Architect and Civil Air Guard.

David Snr was to pass away in 1940 aged 89 years old.

Sunday 7 April 2024

Family Grave - William, Amelia and Amy Shave

All Saint's Cemetery,
Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

"Sacred to the Memory of

William Shave Born Sept 26th 1821 - Died Oct 15th 1910
In Humble Thankfulness to God for a Happy Life.

And of
Amelia Ann Shave
his wife
Who Entered into Rest August 7th 1925,
Aged 91 Years
Thanking Our Heavenly Father for All His Love
Safe In the Arms of Jesus

Amy Ann Lucy Shave
Died Nov 2nd 1955
Aged 76 Years."

William Shave was born in 1821 in Holborn Middlesex, London to William Shave Snr a Printer, and Ann.

William Jr can be found on the 1841 census living in the home of Benjamin Barrett, a Printer at 30 John Street, Christchurch, Surrey, along with his father William, and younger brother Edwin. William Jr's occupation is listed as a Printer's Apprentice.

William next appears on the 1861 Census boarding at the house of William Savage, a Bookeeper at 11 Hunter Street, Bloomsbury, London. William is listed as being a Printer Presser.

Hunter Street, Bloomsbury, London.

By 1871 William had moved to the home of Samuel and Sophia Sutton at 45 Sidmouth Street, Marylebone, London, where his occupation is now listed as Printer and Stationer, Master in Partnership.

On 13th April 1874 at St Peters Church, Regent Square, London, William married Amelia Ann Beddoes in St Pancras, London.  

St Peter's Church,
Regent Square,

Amelia Ann Beddoes was born in 1834 in Surrey, England to parents John Beddoes, a Leather Dresser, and Amelia Ann Nash.  in 1841 young Amelia can be found living with her parents and younger siblings at her grandfather John Beddoes house in Webb Street, Bermondsey, London.

1851 finds Amelia as a Domestic Servant in the house of Solicitor George Johnson at 3 Heathcote Street, St Pancras, London. Amelia is still in the home and employ of Mr Johnson on the 1861 and 1871 Census returns.

By 1881 William and Amelia have moved to 3 Lloyd Street, Clerkenwell, London, where William is listed as being a Retired Printer and Stationer. Living with them is their one-year-old daughter Amy Ann Lucy, and Elizabeth Margaret Whitby a Domestic Servant.

William and his family have moved to 6 Craufurd Rise, Maidenhead Berkshire by 1891, along with their Domestic Servant Elizabeth Margaret Whitby. 1901 finds the family and Elizabeth Whitby at 18 Craufurd Rise. On the night of the Census staying with the family is Bertha Humphreys, a Monthly Sick Nurse.

On 15th October 1910, William was to pass away in Maidenhead Berkshire. On 19th October 1910 the following appeared in the Births, Marriages, and Deaths, column of the Maidenhead Advertiser:

"Shave - On October 15th, at 18 Craufurd-rise, Maidenhead, William Shave, late of Serle-street, Lincoln's Inn, aged 89. No flowers, by special request." - Maidenhead Advertiser, 19th October 1910.

The recently widowed Amelia can be found on the 1911 Census still living at 18 Craufurd Rise along with her daughter Amy and their loyal Domestic Servant Elizabeth Whitby.  Amelia followed her husband to their grave on 7th August 1925.

On Wednesday 12th August 1925 th following appeared in the Births, Marriages, and Deaths, column of the Maidenhead Advertiser:

"Shave - On August 7th at 18 Craufurd-rise, Amelia Ann, wife of the late William Shave, aged 91 years. Internment to-day (Wednesday) at 3.0 p.m., at the Cemtery. No flowers, by own request." - Maidenhead Advertiser, Wednesday 12th August 1925.

Amy is still living at 18 Craufurd Rise in 1939, along with her Domestic Servant Ada E Ching. Amy continued to live at 18 Craufurd rise until she joined her parents on 2nd November 1955.  Her Obituary in the Maidenhead Advertiser reads as follows:

"Miss Shave

After a short illness, Miss Amy Ann Lucy Shave died at Maidenhead Hospital on Wednesday evening last week. She was 76. Miss Shave, who was the only daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. W. Shave, lived at 18 Craufurd Rise all her life.

She was one of the original members of the St, Mary's Parochial Church Council which was formed in 1922, and she was a regular member of the church congregation. Until the war began she tan a Bible class for young men, and up to the time of her death she held a women's meeting at Brock Lane Hall every Thursday afternoon.

Besides her monthly job of delivering church magazines for over 50 years, Miss Shave was the local secretary of the Bible Churchman Missionary Society. 

The funeral service was held at St Mary's Church on Monday, followed by internment at Maidenhead Cemetery. Yesterday (Thursday) a memorial service was heed at St Mary's."  - Maidenhead Advertiser, November 11th 1955. 

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