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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Wednesday's Child - Rose Ethel Keeley

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.

Monument to Rose Ethel Keeley and Charlotte Emma Keeley, All Saints Churchyard, Boyn Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire

"In loving rememberance of Rose Ethel Keeley who died 16th May 1892 aged 7 years & 10 months - There's a home for little children. Above the bright blue sky, Where Jesus reigns in glory, A home of peace and joy -

In loving memory of Charlotte Emma Keeley aged 75 years."

Rose Ethel Keeley was born in 1885 in Maidenhead Berkshire to Richard E Keely, A chimney sweep master, and his wife Charlotte Emma Holdway.

Rose first appears on the 1891 Census aged 6, living with her parents and siblings, Edward, Florence, Reginald and Lillian in Albert Street, Maidenhead.  Sadly Rose was to pass away a year later in the May of 1892.

Charlotte Emma Keeley was born Charlotte Emma Holdway in 1851 in Slough, Berkshire to William Holdway, a beer house keeper and greengrocer, and his wife Elizabeth Morris.

Charlotte first appears on the 1851 Census, aged 1 month, living with her parents and elder sister Elizabeth in Upton cum Chalvey, Slough, Berkshire.  In 1861 the family had moved to Albert Street in Maidenhead.  The family had since expanded to include William, Sarah, Harry and Mary.

In 1871 Charlotte, listed as Emma and her elder sister Elizabeth are working as servants for the Royal British Orphan Asylum in Slough.  Another family I researched had connections with the Royal British Orphan Asylum, the Osborne family.

In 1879 Charlotte married Richard Keeley in Maidenhead.

1881 finds the newly weds living with Charlotte's father William Holdway and her stepmother Ann in Albert Street Maidenhead along with their 8 month old son Edward James.  Florence Emily was born in 1882  Rose Ethel was to join the family in 1885, Violet Ada was born and sadly died in 1886, Reginald was born in 1887,  Lilian was born in 1889, Laura was born and sadly died in 1890.

In 1901 after the death of their children Charlotte and Richard can be found living at 12 Albert Street in Maidenhead with their younger children Reginald and Lilian.  In 1900 Edward James, an omibus conductor, had married Elizabeth Ellen Morris in London, in 1901 they're living westminter with their 5 month old daughter Lily Rose.

Florence Emily is working as a housemaid and living with her paternal aunt Charlotte Alice Keely in London.

1911 and the family has moved to 18a Powny Road in Maidenhead, Richard is still a working chimney sweep at the age of 67.  Lving with Ricahrd and Charlotte are their two younger children Reginald, now a managwer in a cycle factor, and Lilian, now a school teacher.  Also living with them is Florence Emily, a shop assistant, and Edward Arthur Keeley, aged 8 years, Edward James and Elizabeth Ellen's son.  Visiting the family on the night the Census was taken is Richard's sister Charlotte Alice and Edward Barwick Rivers, a groom from Sandwich in Kent.

Edward James as moved back to Maidenhead in 1911 and is now the park keeper for Grenfell Park in Maidenhead.  Edward and Elizabeth are living at 46 Grenfell Road with their daughters Lily Rose now 10 years old, Winifred May aged 6 and their son Ernest Walter aged 4.  1912 saw the birth of their daughter Elizabeth Ellen and in 1916 their youngest daughter Rose was born.

On 31st August 1915 Florence Emily married Edward Barwick Rivers at All Saints Church in Boyn Hill, Maidenhead.  Her brother Edward James Keeley was one of the witnesses.

Charlotte Emma passed away on 21st February 1926.  I am unsure was to whether Charlotte is actually buried with her daughter Rose Ethel.  It looks as if her name is simply been stencled in on the top of her daughter's monument.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Robert Clifton Davy and Susannah Sarah Davy

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.

Monument to Robert Clifton Davy and Susannah Sarah Davy, All Saints Church, Boyn Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

"Whatsoever thy hand find to do. Do it with thy might. To the beloved memory of Robert Clifton Davy who fell asleep May 6 1908 aged 57 years.

For here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come.  To the beloved memory of Susannah Sarah Davy his wife who feel asleep July 14 1913 aged 69 years."

Robert Clifton Davy was born in Maidenhead In 1852 to Clifton davy, a tailor and lock keeper and his wife Mary Ann Lucas.  He first appears on the 1861 Census living with his parents at Boulter's Lock, Ray Mill Island in Maidenhead Berkshire.

In 1871 the family is still living at Ray Mill Island, but Clifton is no longer the lock keeper.  Robert occupation is listed as an architect and surveyor.  sadly in 1873 Robert's mother Mary Ann passed away.

In 1878 robert marries Susannah Sarah Gunn and in 1879 they celebrate the birth of their son Clifton Robert Davy.  In 1881 the young family can be found living at 3 York Villas, York Road, Maidenhead.  Living with the family at the time were the widowed Clifton Davy and Susannah's sister Ellen Edith Gunn.  By 1891 the family, along with Robert's father Clifton, had moved to The Chestnuts, All Saints Avenue, Maidenhead where the family and Clifton Snr are still living in 1901.  Clifton Robert's occupation is listed as architect's assistant.  Sadly Clifton Snr was to die later that year aged 86.  Robert Clifton was to follow his father in 1908.

In 1906 Clifton Jr married Ethel Rose Cooper in Maidenhead, Berkshire

In 1911 the widowed Susannah is still living at The Chestnuts, All Saints Avenue.  Visiting her at the time of the Census is her niece Ellen Florence Gunn.  Clifton and Ethel Rose, along with their daughter Evelyn Beatrice are living at the Boarding house of Myra Wood and Alice Cook, 50-51 Eversfield Place in Hastings, Sussex.

Susannah Sarah Davy was born Susannah Sarah Gunn in 1843 in Great Dunmow, Essex to John Perry Gunn, a hair Dresser and his wife Sarah Cross.  The first Census I can find Susannah on is the 1861 Census.  She's living with her parents and siblings John Cross, Henrietta, Henry, Edwin, George and Ellen Edith at West street in Great Dunmow, Essex.  In 1871 Susannah, listed as Sarah, is working as a governess for the Rianda family at Ray Mill in Maidenhead.

Susannah was to pass away in 1913.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Cemetery Sunday - Hands

A selection of various hands found on my wanderings.  What have you found this week?

Friday 22 February 2013

Emily Ducibella Dickinson, Florence Selina Eden, Maria Harriet Eden - Daughters of Baron Auckland

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.

Monument to Emily Ducibella Dickinson, Florence Selina Eden and Maria Harriet Eden, All Saints Churchyard, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead Berkshire.

"In affectionate rememberance of  Emily Ducibella wife of Edmund Dickinson.  Formerly of Berkley House Frome. And daughter of Lord Auckland.  Late Bishop of Bath & Wells. Died 27th January 1893 aged 60

Also to the memory of Florence Selina Eden 4th daughter of 3rd Baron Auckland.  Born Jaunray 6th 1835.  Died June 5th 1909.

Also to the memory of Maria Harriet Eden.  5th daughter of 3rd Baron Aucklanc.  Born September 14th 1836.  Died Jaunuary 11th 1909."

Emily Ducibella Dickinson was born Emily Ducibella Eden in Hertingbury, Hertfordshire in 1833 to Robert John L Eden, 3rd Baron of Auckland and Bishop of Bath & Wells, and his wife Mary Hurt.

Emily first appears on the 1841 Census living in the parish of Brixton, Surrey at The Vicarage with her parents and siblings Eleanor, Emma, Florence, Maria and Robert.  In 1851 the family had moved to the Isle of Mann in  Bishop's Court.  In 1861 the family had again moved, this time to Somerset.  Visiting the family at the time was Edmund Henry Dickinson, a banker from Somerset.

That same year Emily married Edmund Henry Dickinson, related to the Plantagenets through Lady Isabella Plantagenet.  In 1863 they celebrated the birth of their first son, Robert Edmund.  1864 saw the arrival of Philip Francis, 1866 saw the birth of their first daughter Violet Mary and in 1870 their son Oswald Eden was born.

1871 finds Emily and Edmund living in Berkley House, Frome, Somerset.

1881 Emily and Edmund have moved again, this time to 17 Berkley Street in Middlesex, London.  Living with them at the time is their daughter Violet.  Robery Edmund is a pupil at Trinity College in Cambridge.  I am unable to trace Philip Francis on the 1881 Census.  Oswald Eden is a boarding pupil at Pembroke Lodge School in Somerset.

In 1891 both Emily and Violet are visiting the Nelthrope family in Lincolnshire.  Joining them are Emily's sisters Florence Selina and Maria Harriet.  Edmund can be found in the 1891 Census living in Westbury in Wiltshire.  I am unable to trace both Robert Edmund and Oswald Eden on the 1891 Census, however Robert Edmund Dickinson becomes mayor of Bath in 1899 until 1900.  Philip Francis can be found visiting the Mc Call family at Little Barwick House in Somerset.

Sadly two years later in 1893 Emily passed away and was buried at All Saints Churchyard in Maidenhead.  Edmund was to follow her four years later in 1897.

In 1901 Violet Mary is living with her younger brother Oswald Eden, now a secretary of a building society, at 21 Manchester Street in Marylebone, London.  I am unable to find either Robert or Philip on the 1901 Census.

Interestingly Violet Mary Dickinson complied her aunt Emily Eden's letters and published them into a book called Miss Eden's letters, which is available to preview through Google Books.

Both Florence Selina and Maria Harriet lived together from 1881 in Maidenhead.  In 1901 they were both living at 27 Boyn Hill Avenue, living on own means.  Eight years later they both passed away within five months of each other.  Maria Harriet was the first to die in January 1909, followed by Florence in the June.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Wednesday's Child - Winifred Alice Hurd

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.

Monument to Winifred Alice Hurd and Alice Martha Hurd, All Saints Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkhsire.

"In loving memory of Winifred Alice Hurd died June 1st 1913 aged 14 years.  Also Alice Martha.  Mother of the above died Novr 25th 1913 aged 41 years - At Rest -"

Winifred Alice was born in 1899 in Maidenhead Berkshire to Walter John Hurd, a publican, and his wife Alice Martha Purnell.

She first appears with her family on the 1901 Census aged 2, living at the Two Brewers Public House 134 - 136 High Street, Maidenhead.  She next appears on the 1911 Census aged 11 years.  The family has moved from the Two Brewers and are now living in and running The Star, 23 Broadway, Maidenhead.  Another family I have researched ran The Star in 1881, The McGregor family.

Sadly Winifred was to pass away on June 1st 1913, aged just 14 years.  In the November of 1913 her mother Alice followed her to the grave.

Alice Martha Hurd was brn Alice Martha Purnell in 1872 to John Purnell, a carpenter and upholsterer, and his wife Martha Norris.

She first appears on the 1881 Census aged 8, living with her father and stepmother Caroline and heryounger brother John born 1875 and half brother Albert born 1878, at 7 Kate Street, Streathham, London.  Alice's mother Martha died in 1875.

 In 1891 Alice, aged 19, is living with her uncle William Purnell, a dining room keeper, and her grandmother Anne Purnell, in Acton, Ealing.

On 26th September 1898, Alice married Walter John Hurd in Middlesex.  In 1899 they celebrated the birth of their only child, Winifred Alice.  Sadly Alice was to pass away on November 25th 1913, five months after the death of her daughter Winifred.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

John Lane and Emma Margaret Hawkins - A Double Life

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.

Monument to Emma Margaret and John Lane Hawkins, Arthur Clark, Ione, Ethel Lane Clark and Susan Molly Cuthbert.  All Saints Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

"In loving memory of a dear mother and wife Emma Margaret Hawkins who died November 10th 1914 aged 71 years

John Lane Hawkins beloved husband of the above died Sept 27th 1918

Arthur Clark died April 4th 1934

Our dear mother Ethel Lane Clark, died March 31st 1953 aged 84 years

Ione died Jan 28th 1971

In loving memory of Susan Molly Cuthbert aged 9 years"

Emma Margaret Hawkins was born Emma Margaret Crocker on 22nd September 1843 to Albert John Crocker, a warehouseman, and his wife Charlotte Hawkins.  Emma first appears on the 1851 Census living with her parents and siblings at Goose Green in East Dulwich.  Unfrotunately I have been unable to trace Emma on the 1861 Census.

On 12th January 1865 in St Lukes Parish, Camberwell Emma married John Lane Hawkins.

John Lane Hawlins was born on 15th January 1841 to John Hawkins, a suveyor and stockbroker, and his wife Wilhelmina.

Both John Lane and Emma Margaret appear on the 1871 census visiting Emma's sister Alice Marion and her husband Edward Thomas Irving at 12 St Stephen's Square, Paddington, London, not long after the birth of their fourth child, a daughter Millicent Lane.  The first child, a daughter Amy Constance had sadly died in 1870 aged only 4 years.  Their second child, a daughter Ethel Lane was born in 1868 and their third child, a son Percy Lane were being looked after by the Miller family in 1871

1881 finds John and Emma living at 54 Queensborough Terrace in Kensington, London with their daughter Millicent.  John's occupation at the time is listed as a share dealer and stock exchange.  Percy Lane is a boarding pupil at Eton College.  Ethel Lane is a boarding pupil at 26 Wilbury Road, Hove, Brighton.

In 1891 John L is living at 14 Somerset Street with is daughters Ethel and Millicent, while Emma is in Hove, Brighton visiting her mother Charlotte.  I am unable to locate Percy on the 1891 Census.

In 1892 Percy Lane married Ethel Evelyn Baker

On 22nd June 1895 Ethel Land Hawkins married Arthur William Clark.  Both John Lane and Emma Margaret are vitnesses to the marriage.

In 1897 Millicent Lane Hawkins passes away.

Now here's where things get interesting.

In 1901 Emma is living on her own in her Kensington home with her parlour maid, she is listed as married.  However on the same Census John Lane is living in Westminter with a lady called Christine who is listed as his wife.  Living with them is their son John Noel who was born in 1892.

In 1901 Ethel and her husband Arthur are living at Pine View in Parkstone, Dorset with their children Brian Lane born in 1896, Ione Lane born in 1897 and Nancy lane born in 1900. Nancy Lane Clark passes away in 1908 aged 7 years

In 1901 Percy and his wife Ethel are living in Kensal Green in London with their children Iris born in 1894 and Vivian born in 1897.  Percy Lane passes away in 1908 aged 41 years

In 1911 John Lane can again be found living with Christine who is listed as his wife of 30 years in Jersey.  Where as Emma Margaret can be found still listed as married living in Boyn Hill Avenue, Maidenhead with her only surviving child Ethel Lane Clark and her grandchildren Ione Lane Clark and Molly Lane Clark born in 1909.  I have been unable to locate Ethel's husband Arthur William Clark on the 1911 Census.

John and Christine had three children together, including John Noel.  Dorothy Christine Hawkins born 8th October 1882 and Barbara Mary Hawkins born in 1889

Sadly Emma Margaret was to pass away on 10th November 1914.

Not long after Emma's death, John Lane finally married Christine, who gave her last name as Hawkins at the time of their marriage in the December of 1914

In 1828 Ethel's daughter and Emma's grand-daughter Molly Lane clark married Sydney A Cuthbert in Kensington London.  Molly and Sydney have a daughter together in 1934, Susan Molly Cuthbert, who was to sadly pass away at the age of 7.  Her tiny marker can be seen in the forground of the above picture.

Arthur William Clark passes away on 4th April 1934, leaving Ethel Lane a widow.  In 1953 Ethel follows Arthur to the grave.

In 1924 Ione Lane Clark married George F Playfair Watkins.  Ione passed away in 1971

I do wonder is Emma had any idea that John was leading a double life with another woman and another family.  What did his children with Emma think when he married Christine less than a month after their mother died?  These are questions we shall never know the answers to.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Cemetery Sunday - In Our Hearts Forever

Small angel and heart grave decoration found at All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire UK.

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Friday 15 February 2013

The Field Family - Together In Slumber

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.

Monuments to Barbarina Field, John Field and Sarah Ann Powlesland, St James the Less churchyard, Stubbings, Berkshire

"In loving remembrance of Barbarina, beloved wife of John Field who died April 24th 1881 aged 52 years - Not my will O Lord, but thine be done - "

"In loving remembrance of John Field of Stubbings Farm Bisham.  Late of Chalford and Nethercote House <ilegible> who departed this life March 22nd 1891 aged 69 years - In such an hour as ye think not.  The son of man cometh. Matt 22:44"

"In loving memory of Sarah Ann Powlesland daughter of John and Barbarina Field passed peacefully away November 30th 1908 aged 52 years - Gone but not forgotten-"

John Field was born in Chalford Gloucestershire (some sources place his birth in Chalgrove Oxfordshire, where John was christened) in 1822, to John Field, a farmer and his wife Harriet.  He first appears on the 1841 Census aged living on his parents farm in Chalford along with his elder siblings Elizabeth and Harriet and his younger siblings Mary and Daniel.

In 1847 John married Barbarina Lee.

Babarina Lee was born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire to William Lee, a farmer and his wife Mary Gibbons.

Barbarina first appears on the 1841 Census aged 12 living with Henry Douglas and his family on his farm in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

John and Barbarina next appear on the 1851 Census in Little Missenden in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire living and working the 158 acre Affricks Farm.  Living with them are their two infant daughters, Lucy aged 2, born in 1849 and Louisa Barbarina (listed as Barbarina) aged 3 months, born in 1850.

In 1861 John and Barbarina have returned to Chalford and are now farming 270 acres of land.  The family has expanded to include Mary born in 1851, John born in 1852, George born in 1853, Ellen born in 1854, Sarah Ann born in 1855, William born in 1856, Emily born in 1858 and Laura born in 1860.  Strangely Lucy is missing from the family, I am unable to trace her on the 1861, not am I able to find a death index for her.

In 1871 John and Barbarina are farming 346 acres at Nethercote House in Oxfordshire.  The family has since expanded to include Lizzie, born in 1861 and during the 1871 Census is at a boarding school in Thame with her elder sister Emily, Chrisse born in 1862 who sadly died aged 2 in 1865, Albert Victor born in 1864 and Herbert G born in 1865, sadly both Albert and Herbert were to pass away on 10th October 1871, James Alfred born in 1867 who sadly passed away that same year, Barbarina born in 1868 and Leonard born in 1869.

Leonard Field later went on to marry Fanny Edwicker, daughter of Charles Edwicker, gamekeeper of Maidenhead Thicket.

Sarah Ann and her sister Mary are living with their maternal grandfather William Lee at Stubbings Farm.

In 1880 Sarah Ann married her first husband Frederick English, a butcher.

After the death of Barabrins Sr's father William Lee in 1880, Stubbings Farm passed to the Field family.  John and Barnarina, along with their daughters Emily and Laura can be found there in 1881.

Sarah Ann and Frederick are living and working at 60 High Street, Kensington, London.

Sadly Babarina was to pass away on 24th April 1881. 

In 1882 John married Martha Ann Neighbour.

Nearly ten years after Barbarina's death John followed her to the grave on 22nd March 1891.

After the death of her husband Frederick in 1889, Sarah Ann moved back to Stubbings Farm, now run by her younger brother Leonard.  In 1891 Sarah can be found living at Stubbings Farm  along with her brother Leonard and step mother Martha Ann.  Visiting the family at the time was John Charles Powlesland a tobacconist.  Sarah Ann married John Charles later that year.

In 1901 Sarah Ann and John are living at 23 West Park Road, Ealing, London.  Sadly Sarah Ann passed away on 30th November 1908.  1911 finds the widowed John living with his brother in Surrey.

I wonder why Sarah Ann was buried beside her parents in St James the Less churchyard and not in Ealing where she was living at the time.

Wednesday 13 February 2013

War Grave Wednesday - Arthur Fletcher Ada - Stoker First Class

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them".
Arthur Fletcher Ada was born in Maidenhead in 1882 to John Fletcher Ada a draper, and his wife Mary Ann East.
Arthur first appears on the 1891 Census aged 8 living with his parents and his elder siblings, Mary, John and William, at 6 Queen Street.
In 1901 Arthur is working at as a draper's assistant at at large department store, 12-17 St Andrew's street in Cambridge.
In 1911 Arthur is back in Maidenhead and running his own drapery business from 11 Queen street in Maidenhead.
After the outbreak of Wolrd War I, Arthur enlisted in the Royal Navy in the September 1916.  Arthur became a Stoker First Class on the H.M.S Phoebe and unfortunately lost his life due to enemy action during the Raid of Zeebrugge.
Arthur was considered a hero by those he left behind in Maidenhead, which his obituary in published in the Maidenhead Advertiser leaves us in no doubt.
"A Maidenhead Hero
Killed in the Zeebrugge Triumph

Public Honours for Stoker A. F. Ada

Great victories are not bought without a price, and Maidenhead has paid its tragic toll for the thrilling Nelson-like triumph at Zeebrugge. Mingled with last week's joy were the tears of bereavement at losing in that memorable enterprise one of our best-known and best-loved younger tradesmen - a man who belonged to a family that has for three generations been respected for their zeal in the religious, social and commercial life of the town. Mr Arthur Fletcher Ada, content to serve as a humble stoker in the Navy when he saw the beacon-call of duty,has laid down his life at the young age of 35, finding glory in the commonplace and forfeiting by the cruel irony of fate, perhaps by months only, the grand climacteris of domestic joy which most men reach. The public honours done our latest local hero were commensurate with his personal worth as with his unshrinking patriotism. He surely died doubly nobly; for it was when his watch below was done he went aloft to do merciful work in tending wounded mates, and while at that task he was struck by a shell and died very soon after.
Arthur Fletcher Ada was the third son of the late Mr John Ada, of the firm of Ada & Co., drapers, Queen-street, established many years ago. He was educated at Maidenhead Modern School. As a young man he succeeded to the business and worked at it in conjunction with his brother-in-law (Mr Leach) as partner. His prowess as a swimmer was well known all around this district, for he carried off many prizes in the swimming carnivals in the old days. In religious circles he was prominent as financial secretary to the Baptist Church in Marlow Road, and further as the organist there for about 12 years. In recent times he took a big share in forming the V.T.C., of which he became an active member.

He joined H.M. Navy in September 1916, and proceeded to his training at Chatham and other naval stations. He became attached to H.M.S. Phoebe as stoker. When he was home last, only a fortnight ago last Monday, he was aware of some great naval move being imminent, but his friends little thought they had seen him for the last time. The Destroyer on which he was serving was covering the "Vindictive", and towards the end of the engagement he had just left his watch below and had gone on deck to help in rescuing the survivors of one other of our Destroyers which had gone down. It was early on the morning of St. George's Day, April 23rd, when our brave fellow townsman was doing this extra duty at rescuing that he was struck by an enemy shell and expired almost immediately.
Petty-Officer Attridge was sent to apprise the family of the details of Mr Ada's death, and he also brought with him the verbal sympathy of the captain, officers and mess of the Destroyer, as well as three wreaths to be placed over the remains, Mrs. Ada having desired that the body might be sent home for burial.

The sympathy with deceased relatives and his betrothed, Miss Jessie Bloomfield, is very deep and widespread, and was given expression to at the funeral on Monday, and by shoals of lettes received."
A further report was made on the funeral -
"The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, and was a public tribute to the quiet esteem in which the deceased was held by all classes. Most of the tradesmen's shops had black boards, and blinds were generally drawn. Opposite the Baptist Church, the V.A.D. Red Cross flag was drooping at half mast. A squad of the Maidenhead Volunteers, under Lieut. Voules, formed the guard of honour. The coffin, which was covered with the Union Jack and many lovely wreaths, was carried on the shoulders of half-a-dozen local bluejackets under chief petty officer A. Emberley, viz., petty officer, 1st class, Riches; leading seaman Carter (wounded from East Africa); leading stoker Maybury; and an air mechanic Royal Naval Air Arm, and an A.B. Both the latter were on leave and volunteered to act as bearers. The undertakers were Messrs Partlo Bros., friends of the deceased.

On the rostrum were the Pastor (Rev. T. Wreford Way) and Rev. T.F.Lewis, of the Congregational Church; and among the crowded congregation were the Mayor (Mr C.W.Cox, J.P., C.C.), who also attended at the graveside, and Ald. Truscott, J.P., and Councillor O.T. Chamberlain, J.P. The chief mourners were: Mrs Ada (mother), Mr John E. Ada (brother), Mr F.W.Leach and Mrs Leach (brother-in-law and sister), Mr Richardson (uncle), Miss Ada (sister), Mr S. East (uncle), Mrs Sutton (cousin), Mr W. V. Bloomfield and Mr A.G Bloomfield.
Wreaths and other floral tokens of sympathy were sent by the following:- >From his own Jess; mother, brothers and sisters; Mr and Mrs Bloomfield, Rosa and Alfred; Lance-Corpl. Edmund Bloomfield; The Staff at 11, Queen Street; The Marlow Road Baptist Choir and Church; Mrs Eadres, 36, Town Wall Street, Dover; T.W.Naller and R. Coates, HMS Phoebe; from Messmates of HMS Phoebe; from Frank Trevoe; Members of 1st Berks Volunteer Regt,"C" Co., Maidenhead; Maidenhead Fire Brigade; Mr and Mrs H. Andrews and Mrs Goodman; Mr and Mrs. J. W. Goldsmith and Winnie; Mr and Mrs Reeves; Mr and Mrs Harold H Neve; Mr and Mtrs Hunt; Mr and Mrs John Tomlinson, and Frank."
Jessie Caroline Bloomfield, a music teacher and Arthur's fiancee never married and later passed away in Devon in 1967

Arthur was like so many brave men that left their family and loved ones to fight, and never came back alive.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Eliza Edwicker - Gamekeeper's Wife

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.
Monument to Eliza Edwicker, St James the Less Churchyard, Stubbings, Berkshire.
"In loving memory of our mother Eliza the dearly beloved wife of  Charles Edwicker who fell alseep May 14th 1890 aged 55 years - The Lord is my Shepherd."
Eliza Edwicker was born Eliza Hilton in 1835 in Woolavington, Sussex, to Thomas Hilton, a farm labourer and his wife Ruth Hilton.
The first Census that I am able to locate eliza and her family on is the 1851 Census of Woolavington, Sussex.  At that time Eliza was 16 years old and living with her widowed father Thomas and her younger siblings Thomas and Charlotte.  Unfortunately I am unable to locate Eliza on the 1861 Census.
In 1865 in Chichester, Eliza married Charles Edwicker, a gamekeeper and son of William Edwicker, an agricultural labourer and his wife Ann Randall.  Eliza and Charles first child, a daughter eliza was born in 1867, followed by Ann in 1868 and lastly Fanny in 1870.  On the 1871 Census the family is living on the Bath Road in Wargrave.  By 1881, Eliza, Charles, Ann and Fanny had moved to Stubbings Cottages in Stubbings Berkshire.  Eliza Jr had gained empolyment as a nurse for Ann Firth, an 84 year old widow living at 37 Curzon Street in Derbyshire.
Life in the Edwicker household had to be a stressful one due to Charles's occupation as a Gamekeeper.  There were always poachers to be dealt with. 
 In 1883 Charles Edwicker found himself in front of the Summer Assizes on the charge of Unlawful shooting with a wilful intent to cause bodily harm.  The Slough, Eton and Windsor Obvserser reports on 7th July 1883 -
"A Case Of  Alleged Shooting - Charles Edwicker was charged with feloniously shooting Walter Edwards, with intent to do him some bodily harm, at Maidenhead Thicket, on 24th January 1883.  Mr. H. D. Greene. (instructed by Mr. Rawson, of Marlow), defended.  The jury returned a verdict of not guilty, and prisoner was discharged."
Even one of my husband's ancestors Walter Turner had a run in with Charles Edwicker on 30th March 1885.  He was apparently caught trespassing on Maidenhead Thicket setting wires for rabbits.  His defence was that he was on his way to the brick kilns at Pinkney's Green.  Walter was fined 20s with 9s and 6d costs by the County Bench.  He was allowed time to pay.
In another case of poaching Charles Edwicker was threatened with bodily harm by those he apprehended.  The Slough Eton and Windsor Observer reported -
"Edwicker said that he saw the men ferretting and beating a bush with a stick each, and that he went up to them and said, 'You can't say I haven't caught you fair this time!.'  He added that William Cartland threatened to beat his brains out if he didn't forgive them."
On 14th May 1890, Eliza sadly passed away.
The 1891 Census shows the recently widowed Charles and his daughter Fanny still living at Stubbings Cottage.  At the age of 52 Charles is still working as the Maidenhead Thicket gamekeeper.
Eliza Jr is working as a domestic servant for the  Wilkinson family at Auckland house in Surrey.
I cannot locate Ann on the 1891 Census, but in 1901 she is working as a parlour maid for the Wainer family at 10 Brechin Place, Kensington, London.
In 1896 Fanny married Leonard Field, a farmer .
Charles Edwicker was to pass away in Newbury, Berkshire in 1909.  I have been unable to trace him on the 1901 Census.
Unfortunately I cannot seem to trace Eliza or Ann 1901.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Cemetery Sunday - Sarah Jane Bird Johnson - A Mysterious Lady

Monument to Sarah Jane Bird Johnson, late of Stokenchurch, Oxon, died at Burchett's Green Octb 4th 1875 aged 55.
Every so often I come across a gravestone where the person memorialised is completely untraceable.
I have been unable to find out anything about Sarah Jane.  I cannot even find her death index for her, no Sarah Johnsons registered as passing away anywhere near Burchett's Green in 1875 or indeed 1876.  I have even searched under the surname Bird, but at the moment she eludes me.
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Friday 8 February 2013

Richard and Elizabeth Ann Suter of Castle Hill, Maidenhead

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.
Monument to Richard and Elizabeth Ann Suter, St James the Less Churchyard, Stubbings, Berkshire.
"Here rests in peace the body of Richard Suter of Castle Hill, Maidenhead born March 30th 1798.  Called away March 1st 1883.  Also of Elizabeth Anne wife of the above who died December 10th 1886 aged 82 - Once more before we part.  We'll bless the saviour's name.  Record his mercies every heart.  Sing every tongue the same. -"
Richard Suter was born in Greenwich, Kent to William Suter and his wife Sarah Knights.
On 7th January 1825 he married Anne Ruth Burn.  On the 1841 Census Richard, an arcitect, can be found living in London with with his wife Ann (listed as Ruth) and their two children Richard George and Andrew Burn.  Living with them is Edward D Suter.  1851 finds the family living in Tottenham Court in London, by this time Andrew had left the home, but I am unable to trace him on the 1851 Census. In 1860 Andrew marries Amelia Damaris Harrison.
Both Richard George and Andrew were to become ordained ministers
Sadly in 1854 Ann Ruth was to pass away.
In 1861, widowed Richard is living at Castle Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire.  In 1862 he married Elizabeth Ann Pocock.  In 1871 and 1881 Richard and Elizabeth are still living in Castle Hill.  Richard was to pass away in 1883.
In 1881 there was an incident outside the house of the recently widowed Elizabeth Suter.  The Slough, Eton and Windsor Observer reported,  
"A Runaway - At eleven o'clock on Monday morning a horse attached to a cart belonging to a Mr. G. Jackson, ran away from outside Mrs. Suter's house, Castle Hill, into which a lad had gone with some meat.  It made it's way at terrific speed by the Waterworks into St Luke's-road, and thence into Market-street.  here considerable excitement prevailed, and several attempts were made to stop the animal, but to no purpose.  It turned the corner into the High-street, and the cart came into collision with one of the large lamp-posts in front of the Town Hall.  The result was that the cart overturned against the pillar-box, and a little child two years of age, belonging to Nelson Franks, of Moffatt-street, was knocked down.  Dr Playne attended to the child, and it was found to have sustained no serious injuries.  The cart was much damaged, but the horse escaped uninjured."
In the December of 1886 Elizabeth passed away and joined her husband in the quiet little churchyard at St James the Less.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

War Grave Wednesday - Leading Aircraftman Eric Stanley Holloway

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them".
Eric Stanley Holloway was born in Maidenhead in 1920 to Roland Percy Holloway and his wife Violet Katherine Thrift.
After the outbreak of war eric enlisted with the Royal Air Force, 42 Squadron.
Sadly on 20th July 1941 Eric was involved in a fatal car accident in Twford, just outside Reading.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Elsie Jane Nelly Mair-Rumley

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.
Monument to Elsie Jane Nelly Mair-Rumley, St James the Less Churchyard, Stubbings, Berkshire.
"In loving memory of dear Elsie second daughter of J. G. Mair-Rumley who fell asleep on Sept 5th 1888 aged 7 years - Depearted but not dead; not lost, but gone before -"
Elsie Jane Nelly Mair-Rumley was born on 7th December 1880 in Chelsea London, to John George Valentine Mair-Rumley, an civil engineer, and his wife Louisa Helena Pascoe.  Elsie was christened in the parish of St Luke's, Chelsea, London on 26th February 1881.
On the 1881 Census, Elsie can be found living with her parents and her elder siblings George Pascoe born in 1877 and Ida Florence born in 1878 at 12 Carlyle square in Chelsa, London.
Sadly Elsie was to pass away on 5th September 1888 aged just 7 years.

Sunday 3 February 2013

Cemetery Sunday - Angels Hovering

There are angels hovering around.

Inscription found at St Luke's Churchyard, Maidenhead Berkshire.

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Friday 1 February 2013

Arthur William and William Herbert - Infant Sons of James and Jane Osborne

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.
Monument to Arthur William and William Herbert Osborne, infant sons of James and Jane Osborne, All Saints Churchyard, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire.
"In sweet remembrance of Arthur William infant son of James and Jane Osborne who died March 15th 1865 aged seven months - In hope of a joyful resurrection - Also William Herbert Osborne."
Arthur William Osborne was born in the August of 1864 to James Osborne, a baker, and his wife Jane Mary Charman.
William Herbert was born and died in 1872.
James Osborne had married Jane Mary Charman in Maidenhead in 1856.  They first child Henry James was born in 1858, closely followed by Louisa in 1859, Alice Mary in 1860, Georgina Emily in 1862, Florence Alexandra in 1864, Charles in 1866, John Aubry in 1868, Sarah Jane in 1870 and Frederick George in 1873.
It must have been devastating for James and Jane to have lost two children in infancy.
Sadly in 1875 James was to pass away, leaving Jane with no means of support and several children to look after.  It seems that by 1881 the family had been split up.
In 1881 Henry James is working as a baker for Hannah Mitchell in Chobham, Surrey.  Georgina Emily is living with her sister Louisa and her husband James Sendamore in Shorditch, London.  Florence Alexandra is working as a barmaid at The Ship Public House in Southwark, London.  Later on 23rd April 1883, she marries Edwin Watson.  Charles aged just 15 is a solicitor's clerk, boarding at 17 Dame Street in Islington, London with Charles and Jane Cawley. John Aubry Osborne is a scholar at Royal British Orphan Asylum in Slough Berkshire.  Sarah Jane, now known as Jane is lodging with the McCormick family in Avlerstoke, Hampshire.  Lastly 8 year old Frederick is boarding with the Clayton family in Maidenhead.
I am unable to locate Jane on the 1881 Census, however she remarries on 20th February 1888 to Charles Twyman in Peckham, London.  Her son-in-law Edwin Watson and daughter Florence Watson were witnesses.  Jane was widowed again and remarried on 17th October 1904 to John Roberts.  Jane's son Frederick George was a witness.
So sad that this family were cast to the four winds after James Osborne's death.  I hope that they managed to find some happiness in their lives.


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