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Friday 31 May 2013

Gladys Le Blac Smith - The Sinking of the Tanjong Penang

**Originally posted on 29th May 2012**

Monument to Gladys Le Blanc Smith, All Saint's Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

"In Ever Loving Memory of


The Dearly Beloved And Most Devoted Wife Of

Fredrick Stuart Le Blanc Smith

Born January 8th 1884 - Died August 2nd 1913."

Gladys Le Blanc Smith was born Gladys Haig on 8th January 1884 at Bray Court, Windsor Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire to John Haig, a Distiller from Scotland and Jane Mary Ann Davis.

In 1910 Gladys married Frederick Stuart Le Blanc Smith, a member of The London Stock Exchange at All Saint's Church, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead.  The 1911 Census shows them living at Cairns, King's Grove, Maidenhead.  Soon their marriage was blessed by the birth of their daughter Beatrice (Betty), but tragically death was to take Gladys away from her young daughter in the August of 1913.

The outbreak of world War II saw Beatrice joining the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service, where she served in the Far East on the 'Evacuation Ships'.  Beatrice was on the SS Kuala on 12th February 1942 when it came under enemy aircraft attack, killing many of the nurses, women and children aboard.  When the SS Kuala eventually sank off of Pom Pong Island, Beatrice was one of the few survivors.  However fate was not kind to her. 

Fellow Nurse Margot Turner recounts -

"During the night of 16-17th February, all women, children and wounded were taken off the island in rowing boats and placed on board the ‘Tanjong Penang’, a small cargo boat which was very crowed.

On the morning of the 17th February 1942. She was hit by gunfire at 9.30 p.m. on that day and sank in about 5 minutes.

I was lying next to Sister Beatrice le Blanc Smith and there were people dead and dying all round us. Beatrice got a nasty wound in the buttock… My first thought was for the women and children in the hold; but a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse) struggling up from there to the deck, her dress covered in blood, said that the hold had had the full force of one of the shells and was absolutely smashed. In any case I realised that there was nothing I could do as the ship was already at a steep angle and obviously just about to turn over. Beatrice and I just stepped into the sea and were very lucky not to be sucked down when the ship suddenly turned over and sank.

The cries and screams of the wounded, the helpless and the dying, were quite terrible."

Before the ship sunk the officers had managed to throw a few small rafts overboard and Le Blanc Smith and Turner got hold of two and tied them together.  Both Beatrice and Margot had managed to save sixteen people from the sea, including six children, two of whom were under a year in age.  Sadly Sister Beatrice was not to make it, succumbing to her wounds on 18th February 1942

Beatrice is commemorated on the Singapore Memorial Colum 114.

Singapore Memorial

** Originally posted on Herding Cats

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Wednesday's Child - Daniel Samuel Waitman

Monument to Samuel Waitman and Daniel Samuel Waitman, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

"In Memory Of Samuel Waitman who died March 20th 1897 Aged 60 years.  Also Of Daniel Samuel Waitman who died May 4th 1898 Aged 15 years - When we meet to part no more - I am the resurrection and the life, he who believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live - S. John XVIII. 24"

Daniel Samuel Waitman was born in Windsor in 1883 to Samuel Waitman, a cab driver and his wife Emma Callahan.

Daniel appears on the 1891 Census, listed as Samuel Whaitman aged seven years, living with his parents at 27 Moffat Street, in Maidenhead, Berkshire.  (Moffat Street no longer exists)  Living with them at the time is Samuel Snr's six year old niece Alice Haines.  Sadly Daniel was to pass away nearly seven years later at the age of fifteen.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Taphophile Tragics - Emmeline Ford, Frederick Thomas Ford, Iris Emmeline Ford Spooner and Michael Max Spooner - Paper Manufactorers

Monument to Emmeline Ford, Frederick Thomas Ford, Iris Emmeline Ford Spooner and Michael Max Spooner.  St James the Less Churchyard, Stubbings, Berkshire

"In Loving Memory of Emmeline.  Beloved wife of  Frederick Thomas Ford.  Who passed on January 28th 1935.  And of Frederick Thomas Ford.  Who passed on January 26th 1936.  And In Dearest Memory of their daughter Iris Emmeline Ford Spooner B. 1892  D. 1965.  And of her son Michael Max. B. 1933  D. 1965."

Emmeline Ford was born Harriette Emmeline Shepherd on 24th August 1866 in Paddington London to James Shepherd, a stock broker, and his wife Mary Alexa Williams.

Emmeline first appears on the 1871 Census aged four years old, living with her parents, elder sister Mary and younger siblings Blanche, James and Edward at 24 Queen's Gardens in Marylebone, London.

I have been unable to trace Emmeline or her parents on the 1881 census.  However in 1891 Emmeline and her parents have moved to 19 Lancaster Gate in Paddington London.

On 30th April 1891 Emmeline married Frederick Thomas Ford.

Frederick Thomas Ford was born on 22nd February 1859 in Loudwater, Berkshire to Thomas Burch Ford, a blotting paper manufacturer, and his wife Elizabeth Slade.  Frederick first appears on the 1861 Census aged two years old, living with his parents and elder sisters, Mary Ann, Fanny and Ada Helen in Loudwater, Berkshire.

In 1871 twelve year old Frederick is boarding at Richmond House School, 59, Castle Street, Reading, Berkshire.  By 1881 the twenty two year old Frederick had left education to help in his father's paper manufacturing business.  On the 1881 Census Frederick can be found living with his parents, elders sister Mary Ann and Ada and younger sister Agnes at London Road in  High Wycombe.

I am unable to locate Frederick on the 1891 Census.

In 1892 Frederick and Emmeline celebrated the birth of their first child, a daughter Iris Emmeline Ford.  Vera Marjorie Ford was born in 1893, followed by Frederick Victory Russell Ford in 1897 and finally Cynthia Alexa Ford in 1901.

By 1901 after the death of his father Thomas in 1892, Frederick  was now the managing director of the blotting paper business.  Frederick and his family have moved to Kimbers House in Braywick, Berkshire.

In 1911 Frederick and Emmeline are still living in Kimbers House in Braywick, Berkshire, along with Iris and Cynthia.  I am unable to locate either Vera or Frederick Victor on the 1911 Census.

Towards 1929 Frederick and Emeeline's health began to deteriorate, something they strived to improve with recuperative cruises and staying at spas.  Sadly Emmeline passed away on 28th January 1935 after a long illness.  Frederick was devastated by Emmeline's death and passed away nearly a year later on 26th January 1936 in a nursing home in London.

Frederick and Emmeline's obituary, reported in the Buck's Free Press -

“The news of Mr Ford’s death was received at Loudwater with special regret because not only was he thoughtful and considerate to his employees at Snakeley Mill, but also he did a great deal of good for the village. He carried on a family tradition of paying attention to the welfare of his workpeople, and they in turn responded with warm affection for him.”
On Frederick's funeral the Buck's Free Press commented -


"The pleasant riverside church of Bray, Berks with its ancient yews in the churchyard and quaint houses was the setting for the funeral on Wednesday afternoon. The bad weather did not prevent large numbers of people attending the service to pay a final tribute to the late Mr Ford."
In 1932 Iris Emmeline Ford married Frank Vivian Spooner in St Martin, London.  They had their only child, a son Michael Max Ford Spooner in 1933,  Sadly Michael battled with depression, this was made worse when in 1956 he was involved in an serious motorcycle accident which left him physically and mentally disabled.  He eventually took his own life on 8th April 1965, leaving behind his wife of a few months, Barbara.
Iris took the death of her son hard and began drinking heavily, sadly Iris was to die from severe burns she received after falling asleep with a lit cigarette whilst under the influence of alcohol on 11th December 1965.

Taphophile Tragics


Sunday 26 May 2013

Cemetery Sunday - Esther Roake - She was in life beloved and in death lamented.

Monument to Esther Roake and five infants, Holy Trinity Churchyard, Cookham Berkshire.

"In Memory of Esther daughter of John and Esther Roake of Maidenhead who died Nov. ?2 1814 aged 12 years.  She was in life beloved and in death lamented.  Also near this place lay the remains of five children of the above who died in their infancy."

Esther was born in Maidenhead, Berkshire in 1802 to John Roake and his wife Esther Angell.

I have been able to find christening records for six Roake children, including Esther.  They are Jacob in 1789, Henry Angell in 1792,, James White in 1796 Joseph in 1798 Hannah in 1799 and Esther in 1802.  I know that Jacob and James White Roake survived into adulthood as they both married and had children of their own.  I have been unable to find any burial or death records for any of the Roake children.

To lose five in infancy must have been a terrible burden to bear for John and Esther.

Friday 24 May 2013

Flashback Friday - Grinsted - Death of an Empire

*Originally posted 22nd May 2012*

Angel monument to Charles Grinsted, Daisy Grinsted and Agnes Sarah Grinsted.  All Saint's Cemetery, Maidenhead Berkshire.

"In Ever Loving Memory of -

Charles Grinsted who passed away December 12th 1928 aged 65 years
Also Daisy, his daughter who died October 6th 1908 aged 12 years
Also his beloved wife Agnes Sarah, died Oct 7th 1935 aged 71 years."

Charles Grinsted was born in 1863 in Mile End, Old Town, London to Thomas Place Grinsted and his wife Emma Shakel.  Some time between 1881 and 1891 Charles married Agnes Sarah Bushell and followed in his father's fishmonger footsteps by opening a fishmongers shop at 2 King Street Maidenhead.  Eventually branching out into 4, 6 and 8 King Street.

Their fifth child and fourth daughter Daisy was born at 2 King Street in 1897, sadly she was to die at the age of 12 in 1908.

Charles continued to build his mini empire to become a bookmaker and licensed game dealer until his death in the December of 1928.  Agnes remained at 4 King Street along with her daughter Lily, Lily's husband Freddie Cook and their daughter Norah (who was born on the kitchen table of number 4 King Street on 9th July 1911) until her death in October 1935.  Lily, Freddie and Norah carried on the family business, adding butchery to their skills, until the 1950s when Windsor and Maidenhead Council compulsorily purchased the King Street shops and demolished them to make way for the New Market development.  Norah moved to The Crescent, Maidenhead.

King Street Maidenhead c1950

Sadly Norah Cook passed away on 14th March 2011, just months shy of her 100th birthday.  The last remaining grandchild of Charles and Agnes Grinsted, bringing an end to the empire. 

Norah's Obituary can be found here - The Maidenhead Advertiser:  Obituary: Fun-loving Maidonian, 99, was last granddaughter in dynasty.

Wednesday 22 May 2013

War Grave Wednesday - Flight Sergeant Alec Henry Cousins - A Marauder of the Sky

Monument to Flight Sergeant Alec Henry Cousins, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England.

Alec Henry Cousins was born in Maidenhead in 1923 to Frederick William Cousins and his wife Bertha Calliss.

A some point after the outbreak of World War Two Alec joined 35th Squadron  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve as an Air Bomber.

Alec's mission to Cologne in Germany on 24th December 1944, along with Pilot, Flight Officer Arthur Thomas Kenyon, Flight Engineer, Sergeant Leonard Williams, Navigator, Sergeant Albert Thomas, Air Gunner, Sergeant Cecil Leonard Blundell, Air Gunner, Sergeant Cyril Arthur Winter and Air Gunner, Sergeant Roy Arthur Yallop, to mark targets and routes with coloured flares for the main bomber stream to follow, was to be his last. 

On that day their Lancaster III PB366 TL-S (Sugar) took off from Graveley Air Field, Cambridgeshire  at 3:35pm.  The weather was reported to be, 'not favourable' with freezing temperatures and fog forecast.  Shortly after take off the plane  failed to climb, taking the roof off a cottage in London Lane, before clipping an elm tree and summersaulting into a field at Low Farm, Great Paxton near the Graveley airfield.  The plane's bomb load was catapulted into a ditch along side the main road to St. Neots.  One of the unexploded bombs hit the wall of Low Farm House.  The aircraft soon caught fire after impact and the first on the scene had to use rakes and hoes to drag the men from the wreckage, all but one died, who later died of his injuries at hospital, died at the scene.

Official MOD records give the reason for the loss as: "Pilot lost control taking off, while in fog conditions due to faulty instrument flying."  Pilot Arthur Thomas Kenyon had only had 272 hours flying experience under instruction with only 19 hours experience as a solo pilot.

There is a granite memorial stone in memory of the men at the entrance of the what was Graveley Air Field and the squadron's colours are displayed in The Path Finders Chapel.

All men lost were buried in their home towns.

Marauders of the Sky
See them come home, sliding and roaring by
The bright, beloved, marauders of the sky
Stern and serene young profiles and strong hands
That have dealt death and sorrow over lands
Once fair with peace and wine, young love and song.
They flew impersonal elated and strong
See them come in to land, their smiles, their eyes,
The triumph in their step. But strangely lies
Pain in this mouth, pale horror on that brow
That went unruffled, candid, gay, just now.
They have returned, fierce kinsmen of the wind
Brought back their lives but left their youth behind.

Poem by Sergeant Roy Arthur Yallop.
© Copyright David Purchase and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Taphophile Tragics - George and Sarah Woodbridge - Builders of Cookham Berkshire

Monument to George and Sarah Woodbridge, Holy Trinity Churchyard, Cookham, Berkshire, England.

"In memory of George Woodbridge who died September 1st 1854 aged 60 years. Also Sarah his wife who died September 13th 1854 aged 56 years.  Lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided.

George Woodbridge was born in Amersham, Berkshire in 1794 to Henry Woodbridge and his wife Ann Rodgers.  On 9th October 1817 aged 23 George married Sarah Wright.  Unfortunately I have been unable to find any information on Sarah pre 1817.

In 1818 George and Sarah celebrated the birth of their son William, Henry was to follow in 1822, then Mary Ann in 1824, Stephen in 1828, Elizabeth in 1830. Emma in 1836, Edmund in 1838 who sadly died aged eight in 1846, finally Louisa Maria was born in 1841

In 1838 in Windsor Berkshire William Woodbridge marries Amelia Jones

George and Sarah appear on the 1841 Census as living in Cookham High Street.  George's occupation is listed as a carpenter.  Living with them are their children, carpenter apprentice Henry, Mary, Stephen, Elizabeth, Emma, the ill fated Edmund and three month old Louisa.

George and Sarah's eldest child, carpenter William and Amelia are living a few doors away from George and Sarah in Cookham High Street with their children, 2 year old Sarah and 3 month old Amelia.

In 1848 Stephen Woodbridge married Harriet Miles in Cookham Berkshire.  In the same years Mary Ann Woodbridge marries Thomas Mellett.  A year later in 1849 their first child Fanny Mellett is born

1851 and George and Sarah are still living in Cookham High Street.  George's occupations has changed to builder.  Living with them are their daughters, Elizabeth and Emma, as well as George's 17 year old builder's apprentice William Britcher.

William Woodbridge, his wife Amelia and daughters Sarah and Amelia have moved to Park Road in Maidenhead, Berkshire where William's occupation is listed as builder.  Daughter Catherine had joined the family in 1843, followed by William in 1845, Selina in 1848 and John in 1850.

(A post about Catherine and John Henry Woodbridge can be found here.)

Henry Woodbridge is living with his brother Stephen and his wife Harriet above a carpenter's shop in Hornsey, Middlesex.  Both Stephen and Henry are in the building trade.

Mary Ann and her grocer husband Thomas are living a few doors away from William and Amelia in Park Street, maidenhead, Berkshire with their daughter Fanny.

Fifteen year old Louisa is a servant in the Oldfield family home at 20 Portland Place in Islington Middlesex.

Sadly on 1st September 1854 George Woodbridge was to pass away, followed 12 days later by his wife Sarah on 13th September 1854.  Did Sarah die from a broken heart?

George's will, written on 25th March 1848 stated that his store, tools and other effects of work should be sold and the money invested into mortgages and freehold properties for the maintenance of his wife Sarah and two youngest children Emma and Louisa until they turned 21 and until such a time Sarah died or remarried.  George also stated that a quarterly payment of ten pounds sterling should be made to Sarah.  These investments and funds would then pass over to George's sons surviving William, Henry and Stephen in the event of the younger daughter's marrying and their mother's death.

Taphophile Tragics

Sunday 19 May 2013

Cemetery Sunday - I Change But In Death

Decoration found on a stone sarcophagus style gravestone at All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery.

Friday 17 May 2013

Flashback Friday - Weather Worn and Forgotten

*Originally posted 15th May 2012*

? Aged 71 Years

Mary ?

Two weather worn and eroded gravestones found at St James the Less, Stubbings, Burchett's Green and St Luke's Churchyard, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

The only information that can be gleaned from these stones are, 'Aged 71 Years' and 'Mary'.

An all too common sight in Britain's churchyards and cemeteries.  The poorer classes were not able to afford the marble and granite markers of their rich counterparts.  Having to make do with softer local stone or Limestone.  Sadly decades and even centuries of wind and rain has stripped them of their identities and thrown them into worn obscurity.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Wednesday's Child - Our Baby Peggy Davis

Monument to Peggy Davis, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire UK.

"Our Baby Peggy Davis fell asleep 8th Sept 194? Aged 1 year."

This beautiful yet sad little cross is always well looked after.  Sometimes there are beautiful fresh flowers left for her.  Sadly however the inscription on the stone is slowly wearing away and won't be readable for much longer.  After I had taken the picture I righted Peggy's flowers and thanked her.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Taphophile Tragics - George and Jane Battcock - Wine Merchants

Monument to George and Jane Battcock, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire UK.

"In affectionate remembrance - George Battcock who died 24th December 1891 aged 76 years.

and of Jane his wife who died December 26th 1895 aged 80 years."

George Battcock was born on 23rd July 1815 in Chelsea, Middlesex to Thomas William Battcock, a coal merchant, and his wife Elizabeth Rubergall.  George was christened on 29th July 1815 at St Luke's, Chelsea, Middlesex.

In 1838 George married Jane King.  Jane King was born on 7th January 1815 in Brentford, Middlesex to John King, a clothes salesman, and his wife Mary Ann Marshall.  In 1840 George and Jane had their first child, a son George Arthur, in 1841 Charles Frederick was born, followed by William Frederick in 1850.

I cannot locate either Wine Merchant George, his wife Jane or their elder children on the 1841 Census.  They appear on the 1851 Census living at 35 Wellington square in Chelsea, Middlesex with 3 month old William Frederick.  The 11 year old George Arthur is boarding at a school in Boston Road, Ealing, along with his younger brother Charles.

In 1861 George Snr, Jane and George Jr, now a wine merchant, had moved to 178 Kings Road in Chelsea, Middlesex.  Charles Frederick, aged 19 is boarding at Remenham Manor School in Henley Berkshire.  William Frederick is boarding at a school in Cheswick Mall, Middlesex.

In 1867 George Arthur Battcock married Margaret Vowe in Uppingham,, Rutland.  Their first child Mary Edith Vowe Battcock is born in 1869 and Hylda Margaret Vowe Battcock in 1871.

1871 finds George Snr, Jane, Charles and William still living at 178 Kings Road in Chelsea.  Both Charles and William have followed their father into the wine merchant business.

George Arthur and Margaret can be found on the 1871 Census living with their two young daughters at 2 Brunswick Gardens in Chelsea.  Margaret was to pass away in 1880 in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

In 1873 Charles Frederick Battcock married Charlotte Munday in Surrey.  Their son Cyril Charles Battcock was born in 1875 in Kensington London.

In 1881 George Snr and Jane have moved to 71 Holland street in Chelsea.  Living with them at the time is the recently widowed George Arthur.  Twelve year old Mary Edith is visiting the house of Catherine Hill at 52 Queensgate Terrace in Kensington, London.  Rather strangely George and Mary Edith both appear again on the 1881 Census as living at 3 Craufaud Rise in Maidenhead Berkshire, along with 10 year old Hylda Margaret.  In that same year George Arthur married Emma Woodhill in Kensington, London.  Their son Grenville Arthur Battcock was born in 1882 in Maidenhead.

I am unable to locate Charles Frederick Battcock or William Frederick Battcock on the 1881 Census.

In 1891 the now retired George Snr and Jane are living at 5 Kidwells Park in Maidenhead Berkshire.  Sadly George was to pass away on Christmas Eve of 1891.  Jane Battcock passed away on Boxing Day 1895.

George Arthur, his second wife Emma, Mary Edith and Hylda Margaret are still living at 3 Craudfaud Rise in Maidenhead Berkshire.  Mary Edith's occupation is listed as artist.  Grenville, aged 8 is boarding at Cordwallis School in Maidenhead Berkshire.

I am unable to locate Charles Frederick Battcock or his family or William Frederick on the 1891 Census.

In 1895 however William Frederick Battcock marries Agnes Craig Moore at Holy Trinity church in Paddington London.  The Slough Windsor and Eton Observer reported -

"Battcock - Stewart.  On 22nd isnt. at Holy Trinity Church, Paddington, by the Rev. (illegible) R. Gordon, D.D.  Rector od (illegible) William Frederick Battcock of Roehampton Vale, Surrey, youngest son of the late George Battcock, Esq, Kidwells Park, Maidenhead, Berkshire, to Agnes Craig Moore, widow of the late Francis Pott Stewart, Esq."

In 1901 George Arthur and Emma are living at 24 Craufaud Rise in Maidenhead, along with Hylda Margaret.  Mary Edith is visiting Alfred Appleby and his family in Rodborough Gloucestershire.  Grenville Arthur is a student at Wincester College.

Charles Frederick, Charlotte and their son are living in Chalvey Park in sloughs, Berkshire.  Charles's occupation has changed to brush manufacturer and Cyril is helping his father in the business.

William Frederick Battcock is boarding at 51 Wilton Road, Bexhill, Sussex in the home of Eliza Swann.  Agnes Battcock is visiting the Blackwell family at 16 - 21 St George's Square, Hanover, London.

George Arthur Battcock was to pass away in 1907 in Maidenhead Berkshire, The Slough Windsor and Eton Observer reports -

"The value of the estate of the late Mr. George Battcock, of Amber House, maidenhead; is given as £43,165."

More information on the Battcock can be found at Global Battcock Family Tree.

Sunday 12 May 2013

Cemetery Sunday - Prayer #2

Praying angel, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

Friday 10 May 2013

Flashback Friday - The Nash Children

*Originally posted 8th May 2012*


Monument to James, Florence Catherine, Albert George and Alfred Henry Nash, St Michael's Churchyard, Bray, Berkshire.

"Sacred To The Memory of
James Nash died Feb.y 9th 1878 aged 3 years

Florence Catherine Nash died Feb.y 3rd 1881 aged 11 months
Albert George Nash died Jan.y 18th 1882 aged 5 years
'Of such is the kingdom of heaven'
Alfred Henry Nash died June 1st 1887 aged 3 years"

James, Florence, Albert and Alfred were all the children of James and Martha Catherine Nash, nee Lewis.

James Nash snr was born in Maidenhead Berkshire in 1853, he later became a house painter before he married Martha Catherine Lewis in 1874. The couple soon moved to King Street in Maidenhead and started their family with the arrival of James in 1875 and followed by Albert George in 1876, Frederick William in 1879, Florence Catherine in 1880 and Alfred Henry in 1884, Frank Edward in 1886 and Bessie Louise in 1889. Tragically three were to die in the space of nine years.

In 1891 their mother Martha Catherine Nash passed away, yet she seems to have been buried elsewhere and not with her beloved children.

Poor James had lost three of his children and his wife within 17 years of their marriage. How must this have affected James and his remaining children, the youngest Bessie being a mere three years old at the time?

James continued to live and work in King Street with his surviving children until his death at the relatively young age of 51 in 1904. Did so much grief in such a short time prove too much for James? We shall never know.

New Research -

In 1901 Frederick William Nash was subject to a burglary at his home in Furze Platt, Maidenhead.  The Slough, Windsor and Eton Observer reported on the matter -

"Berkshire Quarter Sessions

The county Quarter Sessions were held at Reading on Monday, when Uriah Weston, 24, tinker, and George Henry Wilton, 26, compositor, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering the residence of Frederick William Nash at the Furze Platt, Maidenhead, on Dec 1 and stealing therefrom articles of the value £26.16s.  Wilton, who had already undergone twelve months' imprisonment for housebreaking, was now committed for a similar term, while Weston was sentenced to six months' hard labour."

Frederick William Nash married Susan Amelia Hight just a year after his father's death in 1905.  On the 1911 Census Frederick and Susan are living at 3 Risborough Road in Maidenhead with their two children Reginald Lewis Nash aged 5 and Winifred Mary Nash aged 4.  Frederick's occupations is given as paper hanger.

In 1911 Frank Edward and Bessie Louise are living at 15 Risborough Road in Maidenhead.  Bessie has no occupation listed but Frank is a house decorator.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

War Grave Wednesday - ATA First Officer Alan Blair Dorrell

Monument to First Officer Alan Blair Dorrell, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead Berkshire.

"Jesus said. "Greater love hath no man than this.  That a man lay down his life for his friends."

Alan Blair Dorrell was born on 8th May 1910 in St John, Worcestershire to John Dorrell, a clothing manufacturer, and his with Eveline Francis Hinks.

Alan appears on the 1911 Census aged just 11 months old, living with his parents and elder brother Geoffrey James and younger sister Nora Helen Dorrell, aged just one month, in Mavlern Road, St John, Worcestershire.

Alan obtained his Aviators' Certificate on 24th May 1939 at Worcestershire Flying Club.

First Officer Alan Blair Dorrell died when he crashed the Spitfire VIII he was flying at Byron Hall Farm, Stag Lane, Lowton nr Warrington, in bad weather on 1st December 1943 aged just 33 years.

Alan's name also appears on the Malvern War Memorial, in Malvern Worcestershire.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

William Pinder and Georgiana Elizabeth Padmore

Cross monuments to William Pinder and Georgiana Elizabeth Padmore, All Saints churchyard, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead Berkshire.

"In Memory of William Pinder Padmore who entered into rest on September 24th 1888 aged 68 - R. I. P. - Jesu Mercy."

" In Memory of Georgiana Elizabeth Padmore who entered into rest November 13th 1891 aged 59 - R. I. P. - Jesu Mercy."

William Pinder Padmore was born in Lichfield Stafford in 1820 to John Padmore and his wife Charlotte Adeline Padmore.  William was Christened on 5th September 1820.

Georgiana Elizabeth Padmore was born Georgiana Elizabeth Grinder in Middlesex London in 1832 to George Grinder, A chemist and druggist, and his wife Marie Agustini Grinder

In 1851, 19 year old Georgiana Elizabeth is living with her parents and siblings Walter, Annette, Edmund and Henrietta at Grove House, Linden Grove, Kensington, London.

On 3rd November 1859 at St James in Westminster, London, William Pinder married Georgiana Elizabeth Grinder.

In 1861 William and Georgiana are living in Mount Street in Westminster, London.  William's occupation is listed as architect and surveyor.  Living with them at the time is Georgiana's bother Walter Grinder.

1871 and William and Georgiana have moved to Bridge Street in Maidenhead, Berkshire.  In 1872 William and Georgiana's only child, Adeline Lucy Padmore is born.  Adeline Lucy Padmore is Christened on 3rd February 1872 at All Saints church in Margaret Street, Marylebone, London.  Interestingly the person that performed the ceremony was Georgiana's brother Walter S Grinder.

I am unable to locate the family on the 1881 Census.

William Pinder Padmore sadly passes away on 24th September 1888

In 1891 Georgiana Elizabeth and Adeline Lucy can be found still living in Bridge Street in Maidenhead, Berkshire.  Georgiana was to pass away seven months later.  Adeline Lucy Padmore moved to Brighton after the death of her parents.  She never married and died there on June 4th 1954, aged eighty four.  She was buried in All Saint's Churchyard along with her parents

Sunday 5 May 2013

Cemetery Sunday - Prayer

Praying angel at All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.


Wednesday 1 May 2013

Wednesday's Child - Mary Christian Jackson

Monument to Mary Christian Jackson, All Saints Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire

"Mary Christian Jackson born Feb 14th 1892 - Died Oct 9th 1892."

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