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Friday 15 February 2013

The Field Family - Together In Slumber

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Monuments to Barbarina Field, John Field and Sarah Ann Powlesland, St James the Less churchyard, Stubbings, Berkshire

"In loving remembrance of Barbarina, beloved wife of John Field who died April 24th 1881 aged 52 years - Not my will O Lord, but thine be done - "

"In loving remembrance of John Field of Stubbings Farm Bisham.  Late of Chalford and Nethercote House <ilegible> who departed this life March 22nd 1891 aged 69 years - In such an hour as ye think not.  The son of man cometh. Matt 22:44"

"In loving memory of Sarah Ann Powlesland daughter of John and Barbarina Field passed peacefully away November 30th 1908 aged 52 years - Gone but not forgotten-"

John Field was born in Chalford Gloucestershire (some sources place his birth in Chalgrove Oxfordshire, where John was christened) in 1822, to John Field, a farmer and his wife Harriet.  He first appears on the 1841 Census aged living on his parents farm in Chalford along with his elder siblings Elizabeth and Harriet and his younger siblings Mary and Daniel.

In 1847 John married Barbarina Lee.

Babarina Lee was born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire to William Lee, a farmer and his wife Mary Gibbons.

Barbarina first appears on the 1841 Census aged 12 living with Henry Douglas and his family on his farm in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

John and Barbarina next appear on the 1851 Census in Little Missenden in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire living and working the 158 acre Affricks Farm.  Living with them are their two infant daughters, Lucy aged 2, born in 1849 and Louisa Barbarina (listed as Barbarina) aged 3 months, born in 1850.

In 1861 John and Barbarina have returned to Chalford and are now farming 270 acres of land.  The family has expanded to include Mary born in 1851, John born in 1852, George born in 1853, Ellen born in 1854, Sarah Ann born in 1855, William born in 1856, Emily born in 1858 and Laura born in 1860.  Strangely Lucy is missing from the family, I am unable to trace her on the 1861, not am I able to find a death index for her.

In 1871 John and Barbarina are farming 346 acres at Nethercote House in Oxfordshire.  The family has since expanded to include Lizzie, born in 1861 and during the 1871 Census is at a boarding school in Thame with her elder sister Emily, Chrisse born in 1862 who sadly died aged 2 in 1865, Albert Victor born in 1864 and Herbert G born in 1865, sadly both Albert and Herbert were to pass away on 10th October 1871, James Alfred born in 1867 who sadly passed away that same year, Barbarina born in 1868 and Leonard born in 1869.

Leonard Field later went on to marry Fanny Edwicker, daughter of Charles Edwicker, gamekeeper of Maidenhead Thicket.

Sarah Ann and her sister Mary are living with their maternal grandfather William Lee at Stubbings Farm.

In 1880 Sarah Ann married her first husband Frederick English, a butcher.

After the death of Barabrins Sr's father William Lee in 1880, Stubbings Farm passed to the Field family.  John and Barnarina, along with their daughters Emily and Laura can be found there in 1881.

Sarah Ann and Frederick are living and working at 60 High Street, Kensington, London.

Sadly Babarina was to pass away on 24th April 1881. 

In 1882 John married Martha Ann Neighbour.

Nearly ten years after Barbarina's death John followed her to the grave on 22nd March 1891.

After the death of her husband Frederick in 1889, Sarah Ann moved back to Stubbings Farm, now run by her younger brother Leonard.  In 1891 Sarah can be found living at Stubbings Farm  along with her brother Leonard and step mother Martha Ann.  Visiting the family at the time was John Charles Powlesland a tobacconist.  Sarah Ann married John Charles later that year.

In 1901 Sarah Ann and John are living at 23 West Park Road, Ealing, London.  Sadly Sarah Ann passed away on 30th November 1908.  1911 finds the widowed John living with his brother in Surrey.

I wonder why Sarah Ann was buried beside her parents in St James the Less churchyard and not in Ealing where she was living at the time.


  1. Could be that is where Sarah requested to be buried.

  2. As always, fascinating post!!!! Thanks for sharing your link on Taphophile Tragics. :)


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