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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Townsend - Misty Morning

The mist shrouded angel monument of Philip Limbrach Townsend and his second wife Louisa Townsend nee Banger. All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, All Saints Avenue, Maidenhead Berkshire.

Philip Limbrach Townsend died March 21st 1927 aged 71 years.
Lousia Townsend died 19th December 1936 aged 70 years.

Philip Limbrach Townsend was born in 1856 in St Anns, Soho, Middlesex, to parents Philip Townsend and Jane Townsend nee Sims. His unusual middle name comes from that of his paternal grandfather, Limborough Townsend. It seems that over the years Philip's middle name was incorrectly recorded before becoming the name that adorns his grave, Limbrach. Philip Snr was listed on the 1861 Census as being a Dairyman and Cow Herder, a career that his son was to follow him in.

In Westminster in 1878 Philip Limbrach married Elizabeth Weston. Their marriage was to be a tragically short one. In 1884 they were blessed with the birth of their son Owen Stanley Townsend, who was to sadly die aged 12 in 1896. January 1886 saw the arrival of their second child, a son Aubrey Edward Townsend. Sadly Elizabeth died that very same month, possibly through childbirth or complications afterwards.

In 1888 in Abingdon, Berkshire Philip Limbrach marries his second wife Louisa Banger. In 1901 Philip Limbrach is a Dairy Man living in Paddington London along with his wife Louisa and his son from his first marriage Aubrey, by now an Apprentice Electrical Engineer, and his other children Elsie Margueritee born 1889, Cecil Philip Limbrach born 1892 and Dorothy May born 1894

By 1911 The family had moved to Lawnfield House, Bath Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire.  However on the night of the census, Philip, now working as a auctioneer, and his son Cecil were staying at the Marine Mansion Hotel on Marine Parade in Brighton, Sussex.  Sadly another tragedy was set to befall the family. Aubrey joined the Royal Fusiliers and sadly drowned near Huntingdon whilst bathing on 14th June 1919 aged 33. He left behind his widow Nellie Lavinia Townsend nee Clarke and is buried in a Commonwealth War Grave in Brampton Cemetery Huntingdonshire.


  1. The UK Army Registers of Soldiers' Effects database available at ancestry.com lists Aubrey Edward Townsend as having a daughter named Mauriel, born 11-4-12, but I am unable to find any other evidence of her existence. Do you know anything about her? According to Army records, he left his wife 8 pounds, 15 shillings & 6 pence and Mauriel 17 pounds, 11 shillings.

    1. Beneath Thy Feet24 October 2015 at 13:15

      The Mauriel you're referring to is Philip Maurice Townsend born 11th April 1912 St Pancras London. Son of Aubrey Edward Townsend and Nellie Lavinia Clarke


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