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Friday 16 November 2012

Adelaide Louisa Flowerdew Lowson of Quarwood House

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries. The singular term is a taphophile.

Monument to Adelaide Louisa Flowerdew Lowson, Bray Parish Cemetery, Holyport Berkshire.

"In loving memory of Adelaide Louisa Flowerdew Lowson born 20th June 1868 died 21st May 1948 daughter of Colonel and Mrs C.H.S. Scott and wife of James Gray Flowerdew Lowson J.P. Ph.D  Member:  King's Bodyguard for Scotland (Royal Company of Archers) of Quarwood House Stow-on-the-Wold. Gloucestershire and Mother of Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew Lowson, Bart.. M. A.. L. C. C Lord Mayor of London 1950-1951."

Adelaide Louisa Flowerdew Lowson was born Adelaide Louisa Scott in India on 20th June 1868 to Colonel Courtenay Harvey Saltron Scott and his wife Margaret J Colquhoun

On the 1881 Census Adelaide can be found living at 17 Eccleston Square in the Westminster area of London with her parents and elder sister Eleanor Margaret.

On 19th July 1890 Adelaide married James Gray Flowerdew Lowson, son of William Lowson and Helen Flowerdew.  James Gray Flowerdew Lowson was a Justice of the Peace, Captain of 9th Battalion Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), Member of the Royal County Archers and 1st District Commissioner of the Boy Scouts Stratforn-on-Avon and Stow-on the-Wold as well as being the Life Governor of U College Dundee. 

Together Adelaide and James had three children Eleanor Margaret Flowerdew Lowson born 1892, Courtenay Patrick Flowerdew Lowson born 1897 and Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew Lowson born 1906.

On the 1901 Scottish Census Adelaide can be found living at 18 Coates Gardens, Edinburgh, with her husband and two elder children, Eleanor and Courtenay.

1911 and the family has moved to Smithfield House in Stratford-on-Avon.

Eleanor married Major General William Revell Revell Smith and served as an Officer in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry in World War I

Courtenay Patrick served in the during the First World War as an Observer with the Royal Flying Corps.  In March 1916 he became a flying instructor, but was sadly killed in a flying accident on 3rd November 1917 when his plane collided mid-air with the plane of Lieutenant Owen Ellis Augustus Allen.

Sir Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew Lowson became Lord Mayor of London on 30th September 1950 on 27th June 1851 the Lowson Baronetcy was created for Denys Lowson.  Presently the title is held by his son Sir Ian Patrick Lowson, 2nd Baronet.

Quarwood House

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