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Friday 21 December 2012

Phoebe Eliza Carter and Annie Taylor - Sisters

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Monument to Phoebe Eliza Carter and Annie Taylor, All Saints Churchyard, Boyn Hill, Maidenhead Berkshire.

"In ever loving memory Phoebe Eliza Carter who died Jan 19th 1914 aged 40 years - The God of love shall be with you-

Also of Annie Taylor sister of the above who died Jan 27th 1919 aged 46 years - come unto me ye that are weary."

Phoebe Eliza Carter was born Phoebe Eliza Meeks on 10th July 1873 and Annie Taylor was born Annie Meeks in 1872 in Maidenhead Berkshire to James Meeks, a publican at the Greyhound Public House in King Street, Maidenhead, and his wife Eliza Esther Favell.

On the 1881 Census, 7 year old Annie and 6 year old Phoebe are living with their parents and their younger siblings Arthur and Florence at The Greyhound Public House in King Street.  1891 finds the sisters, now both barmaids still living at The Greyhound with their parents.

In 1894 Phoebe marries William Frederick Carter, a fly proprietor (horse and trap) from Wiltshire.  Together they had seven children, William, Winifred, Ellen, Phoebe Elizabeth, Edith, Constance and Reginald.  In 1901 the family are living at 7 Wellington Road, but by 1911 they have moved to 93 King Street. 

Sadly only three years later at the age of 40, Phoebe passes away.

In 1895 Annie marries Charles George Taylor, a grocer from Dover in Kent.

On the 1901 Census Charles and Annie are living at 3 South Road, Maidenhead.  Together they had seven children, one of which sadly died in infancy.  By 1911 The family and their six remaining children, Gladys, Edith, Hilda, William, Thomas and Henry had moved to 40 Uxbridge Road, Hanwell, Middlesex, where Charles is now a sugar buyer for a jam making factory.  Sadly Annie was to pass away 8 years later.  She now rests with her sister Phoebe in All Saints Churchyard.

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  1. Phoebe was my great grandmother, who had eleven children. She died in childbirth when my Great Aunt Kath was born.
    There are other family graves in this cemetery;
    Her father James married three times; his first wife Elizabeth and new born son James died in only a few month of each other. Their gravestone was hidden under a load of brambles near to the church.
    James Meeks shares a gravestone with his son in law, William Carter, and his first born daughter, Elizabeth.

    1. Hello Hugo! So nice to hear from you. I am sorry to learn that your great grandmother Phoebe died in childbirth, we are extremely lucky to live in the medical age that we do now.

      I also have a picture of James Meeks gravestone, however I am unsure if William is mentioned on it. I shall have to look through my pictures again. I was unaware that James was married three times. I know he divorced one of his wives as it was reported int he local papers of the time. I have the link available if you would like me to send it to you.

      Sadly a lot of the gravestones at Boyn Hill are falling into disrepair. In the summer I spent 2 hours taking pictures of every readable gravestone in the churchyard in the hopes of preserving what's there now for future generations.

      If you would like me to send you any information I have on Phoebe and her family (census returns, pictures etc) please do not heistate to contact me.

      Thank you once again for you comment.


Thank you for your comment.

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