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Sunday 9 December 2012

Cemetery Sunday - All Saints (Maidenhead) Cemetery

All Saints (Maidenhead) Cemetery, All Saints Avenue, Maidenhead Berkshire is one of my favourite cemeteries to visit.  It's not remarkable or full of impressive monuments to important people from the past (although it has many people of interest), but it has an amazing, calm and welcoming atmosphere.

All Saints Cemetery opened in 1888 when it became apparent that space was running out in the town's churchyards.  The cemetery covers around 5 acres of land, containing space for 10,000 graves.  To date there has been 14,600 interments.  All Saints closed to burials around 1953 when the mordern lawn cemetery at Braywick was opened.  In somce cases interment of ashes is still permitted at All Saints Cemetery.

Do you like cemeteries and churchyards? Found anything interesting on your wanders?

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  1. I have always found cemeteries to be calm places and love walking through them. And was sadly dissuaded from moving next door to one - something I regret to this day.

  2. What a cool photo -- the black/white really sets it off! Sorry I'm late visiting .... I had to work this last Sunday, and I've been working the rest of the week. I'm glad I was still able to come around, though, and see your post. And thanks for leaving your TT link! :)


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