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Tuesday 28 January 2014

The Hawker Family - Bakers of Maidenhead

Monument to Ruth Hawker, Albert Hawker and Mary Ann Hawker, All Saint's Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England.
"In Loving Memory of Ruth Hawker wife of John Hawker died Nov 4th 1865 aged 47 - Interred in Wesleyan Churchyard -
Albert Hawker fourth son of Ruth and John Hawker died July 8th 1892 aged 42.
Mary Ann Hawker second wife of John Hawker died May 26th 1896 aged 83"
Ruth Hawker was born Ruth Hester in Ascot, Berkshire in 1818 to Giles Hester, a wheelwright, and his wife Susannah Redrup.  In 1838 Ruth married John Hawker, a baker from Boyn Hill, Maidenhead.  In 1839 they celebrated the birth of their first child, a son, John Giles Hawker.
In 1841 the young family can be found living in Boyn Hill Maidenhead.  However by the 1851 Census Ruth and family had moved to Maidenhead High Street.  The family had since welcomed the births of Fanny, Mary Ann, William and baby Albert.  Living with the family at the time was seventeen year old George Smith, a baker's apprentice.
In 1861 the family was still living in Maidenhead High Street, Young John Giles, Albert and Frederick had joined the family bakery business and Fanny contributed to the household as a milliner (hat maker).  William has since become an apprentice draper in the household of Julius Neve.  Young Louisa, Frederick and baby Robert had joined the family. 
Sadly in 1862 Fanny passes away.
In 1863 Ebenezer, the last child of John and Ruth Hawker was born.  Sadly two after her youngest son's birth, Ruth passed away.  Later that same year, 1865, Mary Ann Hawker married George Jay, a master baker from Streatham, Surrey.
In 1869 John married his second wife, Mary Ann Brant, a dressmaker, in Eton, Berkshire.
Mary Ann Brant was born in Cookham Berkshire in 1812 to Thomas Brant and his wife Mary.
By 1871 John and his second wife Mary had moved to King Street along with Albert, Louisa, Frederick and Ebenezer.  Just three years later in 1874, later, Louisa married Henry Carter, a draper from Suffolk.  In 1875 they celebrated the birth of their first child, a son Archibald, followed by a daughter Ruth in 1878.  John Giles had since left the family home to become a missionary in East India.
1881 the family has moved again to 3 Lansdowne Villas, Norfolk Road, Maidenhead.  John is now listed as a retired baker, young Ebenezer is now an architect.  Living with John and Mary Ann is Louisa, her husband Henry and their two young children.  Frederick has followed his elder brother John in becoming a missionary in East India.
Twenty nine year old Albert is a pauper patient at Berks County Moulsford Lunatic Asylum, listed as a lunatic, where he remained until his death in 1892
John and Mary Ann had moved again by 1891, into Holly Cottage on Norfolk Road. 
Mary Ann passed away in 1896, John was to pass away three years later in 1899.
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