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Friday 19 July 2013

Flashback Friday - Josiah Wheeler - Lighterman

**Originally posted on 10th July 2012**

(c) Nicola Carpenter 2012

Monument to Josiah and Jane Wheeler, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, All Saints Avenue, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

"In loving memory of Josiah Wheeler, Born October 4th 1849, Died January 2nd 1910.

'Not my will, but thine be done.'


Jane beloved wife of Josiah Wheeler, Born October 4th 1845, Died Sept 27th 1916

'Till . The . Eternal . Morrow.' "

Josiah Wheeler was born on 4th October 1848 in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire to Josiah Wheeler, a bargeman and Mary Ann Russell.

In 1871 the year Josiah married his wife Jane Martin, he is listed as living with his parents at 'The Victoria Beer House' in Henley.  Josiah's occupation is listed as a boatman.  In 1881 however Josiah, incorrectly listed as Joseph, is now a publican and 'dealer' running and un-named public house in Bix Oxfordshire.

1891 sees Josiah and his family living in Maidenhead at 7 Denmark Terrace, Denmark Street, Maidenhead.  Now a dairyman and butcher.  Sadly nothing remains of Denmark Terrace as it was demolished to make way for industrial units.  1901 and the family have now moved to 1 East Street (now East Road), Maidenhead.  Josiah is now a lighterman as is his son Frank.  Lightermen were workers who transferred goods from large ships to the quay on flat bottomed barges called lighters.  It was dangerous and highly skilled work.

Josiah died on 2nd January 1910 aged 61.

Jane Wheeler was born Jane Martin on 4th October 1845 in Windermere, Westmorland to Nicholas Martin a shoemaker and later a railway porter and Harriet Hodgson.  Between 1851 and her marriage to Josiah in 1871, it is impossible to separate Jane for all the other Jane Martin's born around 1845 in Westmorland.  Seems it was a popular name.

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