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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Sarah Milbourne - Entered Into Rest

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries. The singular term is a taphophile.

Monument to Sarah Milbourne, Bray Parish Cemetery, Holyport Berkshire.

"In loving remembrance of Sarah Milbourne who entered into rest Feb 16th 1911 aged 63 years."

Sarah Milbourne was born Sarah Morgan in 1848 in Norton St Philip, Somerset to William Morgan a labourer and Martha Meader.

On the 1871 census return Sarah is listed as a cook and domestic servant for the Rev Henry Burney and his family at Vicarage House in Norton St Philip, Somerset. in 1872 Sarah married coachman Edward Milbourne.  By 1881 they had moved from somerset to Langley Berkshire with their three children, Edith Elizabeth, Martha and William Edward.  1901 saw another move for the family and a change of occupation for Edward.  They're now living nad farming at Oakley Place Farm in Bray Berkshire.  The family had no expanded to include Walter, Herbert, Annie and Ethel.  Why the change from coachman to farmer and would this have been a huge career leap for Edward?

Sadly they were to experience the loss of their eldest son William Edward at the age of 29 in 1910.

Sarah passed away on 16th February 1911 not long before the 1911 census was taken in April.  Recently widowed Edward can still be found at Oakley Place Farm along with his four younger children.  Edward was to eventually join his wife and elder son at the age of 70 in 1916.  I have yet to find where they are buried.

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  1. Lovely photo -- and nice to read what you were able to find out!

    1. Thank you. It's always nice when I can find out so much about their lives.

  2. Very interesting, Sarah and Edward were my Great grand parents, my Gran father was Herbert. This branch of the family moved to Worcester after WW1 because when Herbert and his brother Walter returned from the trenches in 1918 to the farm in Bray it had been sold and the family moved away!


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