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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Taphophile Tragics - George and Jane Battcock - Wine Merchants

Monument to George and Jane Battcock, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire UK.

"In affectionate remembrance - George Battcock who died 24th December 1891 aged 76 years.

and of Jane his wife who died December 26th 1895 aged 80 years."

George Battcock was born on 23rd July 1815 in Chelsea, Middlesex to Thomas William Battcock, a coal merchant, and his wife Elizabeth Rubergall.  George was christened on 29th July 1815 at St Luke's, Chelsea, Middlesex.

In 1838 George married Jane King.  Jane King was born on 7th January 1815 in Brentford, Middlesex to John King, a clothes salesman, and his wife Mary Ann Marshall.  In 1840 George and Jane had their first child, a son George Arthur, in 1841 Charles Frederick was born, followed by William Frederick in 1850.

I cannot locate either Wine Merchant George, his wife Jane or their elder children on the 1841 Census.  They appear on the 1851 Census living at 35 Wellington square in Chelsea, Middlesex with 3 month old William Frederick.  The 11 year old George Arthur is boarding at a school in Boston Road, Ealing, along with his younger brother Charles.

In 1861 George Snr, Jane and George Jr, now a wine merchant, had moved to 178 Kings Road in Chelsea, Middlesex.  Charles Frederick, aged 19 is boarding at Remenham Manor School in Henley Berkshire.  William Frederick is boarding at a school in Cheswick Mall, Middlesex.

In 1867 George Arthur Battcock married Margaret Vowe in Uppingham,, Rutland.  Their first child Mary Edith Vowe Battcock is born in 1869 and Hylda Margaret Vowe Battcock in 1871.

1871 finds George Snr, Jane, Charles and William still living at 178 Kings Road in Chelsea.  Both Charles and William have followed their father into the wine merchant business.

George Arthur and Margaret can be found on the 1871 Census living with their two young daughters at 2 Brunswick Gardens in Chelsea.  Margaret was to pass away in 1880 in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

In 1873 Charles Frederick Battcock married Charlotte Munday in Surrey.  Their son Cyril Charles Battcock was born in 1875 in Kensington London.

In 1881 George Snr and Jane have moved to 71 Holland street in Chelsea.  Living with them at the time is the recently widowed George Arthur.  Twelve year old Mary Edith is visiting the house of Catherine Hill at 52 Queensgate Terrace in Kensington, London.  Rather strangely George and Mary Edith both appear again on the 1881 Census as living at 3 Craufaud Rise in Maidenhead Berkshire, along with 10 year old Hylda Margaret.  In that same year George Arthur married Emma Woodhill in Kensington, London.  Their son Grenville Arthur Battcock was born in 1882 in Maidenhead.

I am unable to locate Charles Frederick Battcock or William Frederick Battcock on the 1881 Census.

In 1891 the now retired George Snr and Jane are living at 5 Kidwells Park in Maidenhead Berkshire.  Sadly George was to pass away on Christmas Eve of 1891.  Jane Battcock passed away on Boxing Day 1895.

George Arthur, his second wife Emma, Mary Edith and Hylda Margaret are still living at 3 Craudfaud Rise in Maidenhead Berkshire.  Mary Edith's occupation is listed as artist.  Grenville, aged 8 is boarding at Cordwallis School in Maidenhead Berkshire.

I am unable to locate Charles Frederick Battcock or his family or William Frederick on the 1891 Census.

In 1895 however William Frederick Battcock marries Agnes Craig Moore at Holy Trinity church in Paddington London.  The Slough Windsor and Eton Observer reported -

"Battcock - Stewart.  On 22nd isnt. at Holy Trinity Church, Paddington, by the Rev. (illegible) R. Gordon, D.D.  Rector od (illegible) William Frederick Battcock of Roehampton Vale, Surrey, youngest son of the late George Battcock, Esq, Kidwells Park, Maidenhead, Berkshire, to Agnes Craig Moore, widow of the late Francis Pott Stewart, Esq."

In 1901 George Arthur and Emma are living at 24 Craufaud Rise in Maidenhead, along with Hylda Margaret.  Mary Edith is visiting Alfred Appleby and his family in Rodborough Gloucestershire.  Grenville Arthur is a student at Wincester College.

Charles Frederick, Charlotte and their son are living in Chalvey Park in sloughs, Berkshire.  Charles's occupation has changed to brush manufacturer and Cyril is helping his father in the business.

William Frederick Battcock is boarding at 51 Wilton Road, Bexhill, Sussex in the home of Eliza Swann.  Agnes Battcock is visiting the Blackwell family at 16 - 21 St George's Square, Hanover, London.

George Arthur Battcock was to pass away in 1907 in Maidenhead Berkshire, The Slough Windsor and Eton Observer reports -

"The value of the estate of the late Mr. George Battcock, of Amber House, maidenhead; is given as £43,165."

More information on the Battcock can be found at Global Battcock Family Tree.


  1. Wow, you have really done a lot of research here. When I was a little girl we lived next to an old cemetery and I would always go over there and look at the stones ... pondering and wondering what kind of life they had.

    1. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. That was partly my reason for beginning this blog. I had always wondered about the lives of these people. Now I am in a position to find out.

  2. Wow lot of money back in those days.

    1. My exact thoughts when I found the newspaper report. George Snr must have had a similar amount of money at the time he died. Makes their gravestone seem rather understated.

  3. This family certainly went through a lot of moves. I am a little familiar with these places and it seems to me to be rather great distances for that time period.

  4. Always nice to see your posts -- and thanks for adding your link to Taphophile Tragics!

  5. Thought you might like to know that George Arthur Battcock married for a second time Emma Greenville nee Wood Hill, widow of Captain Thomas Lowrie Greenville/Grenville/Granville - 99th Regiment of Foot. They had no issue.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I am always grateful when people take the time to give further information on the families I have researched.

  6. I am related to George. His father Thomas is my great, great great grandfather. Not much to add about George.

    This is what I have "George Battcock was born in 1815 and became a wine and spirit merchant. He married Jane King. His son George Arthur Battcock was director of the Mutual Life Assurance Society and donated the clocks for the Clock Tower in Maidenhead built as part of the celebrations for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. George’s grandson George fought in the First World War and there is a very good book about his regiment in the war "

    I have lots about his father and mother who were very interesting. They lived in Chennies walk in Chelsea and there used to be a Battcock Street, Battcock Wharf and Battcock Cottages by them.. http://globalbattcocks.wordpress.com/

    1. Beneath Thy Feet2 February 2014 at 14:30

      Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. It's always great to hear from descendants of the families I have researched. That is fantastic information on George Arthur and the clocks he donated to the Maidenhead clock tower. That was something I was completely unaware of.

      I have edited the post to include a link to your fantastic genealogy site.

      If you would like an unedited copy of the photograph for your records, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail via the contact buttons at the top right of the page.


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