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Sunday 26 May 2013

Cemetery Sunday - Esther Roake - She was in life beloved and in death lamented.

Monument to Esther Roake and five infants, Holy Trinity Churchyard, Cookham Berkshire.

"In Memory of Esther daughter of John and Esther Roake of Maidenhead who died Nov. ?2 1814 aged 12 years.  She was in life beloved and in death lamented.  Also near this place lay the remains of five children of the above who died in their infancy."

Esther was born in Maidenhead, Berkshire in 1802 to John Roake and his wife Esther Angell.

I have been able to find christening records for six Roake children, including Esther.  They are Jacob in 1789, Henry Angell in 1792,, James White in 1796 Joseph in 1798 Hannah in 1799 and Esther in 1802.  I know that Jacob and James White Roake survived into adulthood as they both married and had children of their own.  I have been unable to find any burial or death records for any of the Roake children.

To lose five in infancy must have been a terrible burden to bear for John and Esther.

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