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Friday 19 October 2012

John and Elizabeth Day - Moor Farm, Holyport Berkshire

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Monument to John and Elizabeth Day, Bray Parish Cemetery, Holyport Berkshire.

"In loving memory of John Day died January 13th 1906 aged 56 years - at rest- 'Thy will be done'.
And of Elizabeth Day died December 21st 1938 aged 85 years."

John Day was born  in 1849 in Shottesbrooke, Berkshire to John Day, a Farmer of 133 acres, employing 12 labourers, and Mary Ann Ashton.  John's mother Mary Ann passed away in 1874 and the family with widower John Snr can be found on the 1881 census living at Pond Wood Farm in Shottesbrooke Berkshire.  Visiting the family is Elizabeth Newport.

John married Elizabeth Newport on 13th July 1883 at st Barnabas Church in Islington Middlesex.  Together they had six children, four sons and two daughters. Sadly they were to experience the loss of their baby son Robert in 1901.

John passed away on 13th January 1906 leaving Elizabeth to take over their farm in Holyport.  Her sons John and Arthur Newport Day retrued to the family home at Moor Farm in Holyport to help their mother run the family business.  The Slough, Eton Observer reports at the time;

"Holyport.  Death of well-known local farmer.-  We regret to have to record the death on Saturday afternoon of a well-known and highly respected local farmer-Mr. John Day, of Moor farm, Holyport- after a short illness. Mr day, who formally lived at white Waltham, had farmed at Holyport for a number of years.  He was of a genial disposition, and had many friends.  He took a keen interest in local affairs, and at the time of his death he was a member of the Bray Parish Council.  Much sympathy is felt with Mrs. Day and her family in the great loss in which they have sustained."

Moor Farm is a 13th Century farm house that was first owned by John Atte More in 1270.  It is now a bed and breakfast with holiday cottages attached.

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  1. That is neat that you have a picture of their home as well - and that it is a 13th c home!
    (I think you mean that Elizabeth died in 1938?)

    1. Ah, yes so I do. I write 18XX so many times during the day I have even given my own birth year as 1879.


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