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Sunday 28 October 2012

Cemetery Sunday - Roman Numerals

"Sacred to the memory of Mr. Thomas Smith

many years the landlord of the

Bull Inn Bisham

who died February the 1 - 1833 In the LXIX (69) of his Age.


Elizabeth Smith

Wife of the above

who died Jaunuary the 25- 1849

In the LXVIII (68) of her Age."

Dray carts outside The Bull Inn (right)
(c) English Heritage

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  1. the use of roman numerals baffles me a little - especially if it is used in conjunction with the more common dates. to me it seems far too easy to get it wrong!

    1. It is odd that they would use them when the stone is not written in Latin. There are many stones at this churchyard that are written only in Latin.

  2. I am still confused when it comes pass XX in Roman numerals, but I still can try to figure it out :-)

  3. Nice light, I like to see the passage of time on that stone, excellent texture.

  4. It's a stylistic choice, like using small caps on a website :-)


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