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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Emma and George Hunt - 30 Years

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries. The singular term is a taphophile.

Monument to Emma and George James Hunt, Bray Parish Cemetery, Holyport Berkshire.

"In loving memory of Emma daughter of George and Emma Hunt who fell asleep March 21st 1905 aged 30 years - I came to Jesus as I was - and George James Hunt only son, who died May 31st 1910 aged 30 years - we loved them well but Jesus loved them best."

Emma Hunt was born in 1875 in Aldershot, Hampshire to George James Thomas Hunt, a confectioner and Emma Misselbrook.  George James Hunt was born in 1880 in Farnham, Surrey.

On the 1881 census six year old Emma and eleven month old George can be found living with their parents and thier sisters, Minnie aged five and Kate aged three, at Weybourne Lane in Farnham Surrey.  In 1889 George James Thomas Hunt passed away in Aldershot in Farnham, by 1891 the recently widowed Emma moved with her daughters to Kensington London, for some reason the eleven year old George is not with them.  It is possible that he is either staying with relatives elsewhere or at school, however I have been unable to find him from 1881 until his death in 1910.

In 1901, four years before Emma's untimely death she's listed as a parlourmaid at Chuffs House, Holyport Berkshire for the Frumantte family.

The grapes and vine that adorn Emma and George's final resting place is said to represent the blood of Christ.

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  1. So sad they both died at the same age and so young.

  2. the age of both of them dying is a curious co-incidence. and it seems that neither this Emma and George married.

  3. Amazing what your research unearths... (oops, no pun intended). LOL! Five years apart, these siblings, and yet both gone at 30. How unfortunate and how odd. It's an elegantly carved headstone.


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