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Wednesday 24 July 2013

Wednesday's Child - Arthur Kenneth Bromley

Monument to Arthur Kenneth Bromley, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England.

"To the Memory of Arthur Kenneth dearly loved third son of Arthur A & Kate L Bromley."

Arthur Kenneth Bromley was born in Maidenhead Berkshire in August 1902 to Arthur Ashby Bromley, a baker and confectioner, and his wife Kate Louise Mills.  Sadly Arthur Kenneth was to pass away in 1904.

At the time of Arthur Kenneth's death most of Berkshire was in the grip of a measles epidemic.  Many young children lost their lives.  However young Arthur was to die from Diphtheria.

Arthur Ashby and his family lived at 33-37 Bridge Street in Maidenhead, Berkshire where they ran a bakery, confectionary shop, corn dealership and a post office.  Sadly the building no longer exists.

A.A. Bromley and Staff c1905

Arthur and Kate had five children together, four who survived into adulthood, Ashby Donald, Collis Norman, Olive Kathleen and Edith Joyce.

A.A. Bromley 33-37 Bridge Street, Maidenhead c1930
At this time run by Ahsby Donald and Collis Norman Bromley


  1. I suppose they were fortunate that more of their children didn't succumb to the measles.
    I've always been fascinated with the names people choose for their children. I assume Collis and Ashby were family names and I will admit that I've never liked the name Arthur (I have a friend with a 20 y/o son named that and Ive always wondered 'why'?) but now, seeing it come up as a choice for baby Cambridge, I'm beginning to sort of like it.

    1. Beneath Thy Feet24 July 2013 at 12:08

      Collis and Ashby were maiden names from further back in the family. I have noticed that a lot of the older names are coming back into favour now.

  2. Looks like theheadstone has sunk a bit

    1. Beneath Thy Feet24 July 2013 at 14:10

      No, that's the actual size. It seems common in this particular cemetery that children and smaller markers.

  3. Poor little thing. It's nice that it's still very clear (despite the ivy). :)
    Thanks for sharing on Taphophile Tragics!

  4. Arthur Ashby Bromley was my Grandfather and Kenneth would have been my uncle. Born in 1947 I was never to meet him but my Aunt Olive always said that his death had a profound impact on the family, although I don't know how he died. "AA" and Kate went on to have two further children, both girls; Olive Kathleen, born in 1906 and Edythe Joyce, my mother, born 1910. All very old names now. The names Collis and Ashby were Arthur's grandmother's maiden names. The shop, actually two shops 35-37, was purchased in the mid 1800s and eventually sold for redevelopment somewhere around the 1980s.

    Many thanks for a lovely photo. I lived in Maidenhead until I was 7 but have never visited this grave and am now moved to do so.


    1. Beneath Thy Feet17 January 2014 at 21:50

      Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. Also thank you for the additional information on your ancestor.

      I am not certain that little Arthur died of measles, but I do know that it was a rather large epidemic at the time in Maidenhead and usually the old or very young succumbed.

      I do hope that you are able to visit the grave, it is in a very peaceful area of the cemetery.


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