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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Taphophile Tragics - Martha, William and Henry East of Marlow Buckinghamshire

Monument to Martha, William and Henry Eats, All Saints Churchyard, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England.

"To the Memory of Martha East who died Sept 12th 1838 aged 59 years - Also of - William East Butcher of this town who died August 19th 1852 aged 70 years - Also of Henry East son of the above who died July 19th 1857 aged 37 years."

Martha East was born Martha Grey around 1785 in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.  On 5th June 1804 Martha married William East, a butcher from Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Sadly Martha was to pass away on 12th September 1838.

The recently widowed William appears on the 1841 Census, aged sixty, living in Spittal Street in Marlow Buckinghamshire.  Living with William at the time is twenty five year old Amelia, twenty year old Henry, six year old William and two year old Eliza, William Snr's grand-daughter.

Later that year Amelia East marries Thomas Fry, a butcher, in Chelsea, London.  They later moved to live in Cookham, Berkshire, leaving Amelia's illegitimate daughter, Eliza, to live with her grandfather and uncle.

1851 finds the family still living at Spittal Street in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.  Henry now aged thirty, is working with his father as a butcher.  Eliza, now aged thirteen is currently attending a local school.

Sadly William was to pass away just over a year later on 19th August 1852.  Sadly Henry was to follow his farther on 19th July.  Leaving Eliza alone.

Eliza moved to Kent to find work in a paper factory, where she met her future husband Alfred Eldridge, a fellow paper mill labourer.  In 1861 Eliza can be found lodging at her boyfriend's parents house, in Paul's Cray, Kent, along with her son William Eldridge who was born in 1858.  Alfred and Eliza married in Orpington, Kent in 1862.  Sadly young William Eldridge was to pass away in 1866 aged just eight years old.

By 1871 Eliza and her family had moved to Lower Road in Orpington, Kent.  Living with them, their children - seven year old Esther, four year old Georgina and five month old William.

1881 finds the family in Field Place in Orpington, Kent.  Joining the family is seven year old Alfred, three year old John and nine month old Joseph.

1891 and the family has moved again to Ford Croft Road.  Joining the family is eight year old Hannah.

1901 and the family has moved to Poverest Road. 

Sadly Eliza was to pass away to be reunited with her lost loved ones, in 1909 aged seventy one years old.

Taphophile Tragics


  1. What a busy life Eliza had - all those children and so many moves.
    I wonder what happened that her mother seems to have gone completely out of the picture.

  2. I'm always impressed by how much you put in your posts --- fascinating to read about these people. :)

    Thank you for sharing on Taphophile Tragics!


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