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Friday 26 July 2013

Flashback Friday - Darling Dick Russell

Originally posted 24th July 2012
(c) Nicola Carpenter 2012

"In Loving Memory of Darling Dick.  The dearly beloved son of DICK and GID RUSSELL who died on his seventh birthday July 9th 1896 - Teach Me Thy Ways O Lord!"

Dick Russell was born on 9th July 1889 in Walton-on-Thames Surrey to Richard Russell a Stockbroker and Lina Mary Scott.  Dick's mother was from a very wealthy family, her mother being Lady Maria Scott and her sister Countess Mabel Edith Russell (no relation to Richard Russell).  Countess Mabel and Lady Maria Scott where implicated in the great Russell - Scott Scandal.

Dick appears on the 1891 Census aged just one year old, living with his mother and farther as well as grandmother Lady Maria Scott and his aunt Countess Mabel at The Fisheries in Bray, Berkshire.

One thing I don't understand is why Lina is listed on the memorial as GID.  Maybe it's a nickname like Dick for Richard.  I guess we will never know.

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