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Friday 8 February 2013

Richard and Elizabeth Ann Suter of Castle Hill, Maidenhead

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Monument to Richard and Elizabeth Ann Suter, St James the Less Churchyard, Stubbings, Berkshire.
"Here rests in peace the body of Richard Suter of Castle Hill, Maidenhead born March 30th 1798.  Called away March 1st 1883.  Also of Elizabeth Anne wife of the above who died December 10th 1886 aged 82 - Once more before we part.  We'll bless the saviour's name.  Record his mercies every heart.  Sing every tongue the same. -"
Richard Suter was born in Greenwich, Kent to William Suter and his wife Sarah Knights.
On 7th January 1825 he married Anne Ruth Burn.  On the 1841 Census Richard, an arcitect, can be found living in London with with his wife Ann (listed as Ruth) and their two children Richard George and Andrew Burn.  Living with them is Edward D Suter.  1851 finds the family living in Tottenham Court in London, by this time Andrew had left the home, but I am unable to trace him on the 1851 Census. In 1860 Andrew marries Amelia Damaris Harrison.
Both Richard George and Andrew were to become ordained ministers
Sadly in 1854 Ann Ruth was to pass away.
In 1861, widowed Richard is living at Castle Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire.  In 1862 he married Elizabeth Ann Pocock.  In 1871 and 1881 Richard and Elizabeth are still living in Castle Hill.  Richard was to pass away in 1883.
In 1881 there was an incident outside the house of the recently widowed Elizabeth Suter.  The Slough, Eton and Windsor Observer reported,  
"A Runaway - At eleven o'clock on Monday morning a horse attached to a cart belonging to a Mr. G. Jackson, ran away from outside Mrs. Suter's house, Castle Hill, into which a lad had gone with some meat.  It made it's way at terrific speed by the Waterworks into St Luke's-road, and thence into Market-street.  here considerable excitement prevailed, and several attempts were made to stop the animal, but to no purpose.  It turned the corner into the High-street, and the cart came into collision with one of the large lamp-posts in front of the Town Hall.  The result was that the cart overturned against the pillar-box, and a little child two years of age, belonging to Nelson Franks, of Moffatt-street, was knocked down.  Dr Playne attended to the child, and it was found to have sustained no serious injuries.  The cart was much damaged, but the horse escaped uninjured."
In the December of 1886 Elizabeth passed away and joined her husband in the quiet little churchyard at St James the Less.


  1. Just goes proves even back then they had Accidents. Some brilliant research work there.

  2. Yes, the research gives her a little more life... so to speak!


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