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Friday 22 February 2013

Emily Ducibella Dickinson, Florence Selina Eden, Maria Harriet Eden - Daughters of Baron Auckland

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.

Monument to Emily Ducibella Dickinson, Florence Selina Eden and Maria Harriet Eden, All Saints Churchyard, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead Berkshire.

"In affectionate rememberance of  Emily Ducibella wife of Edmund Dickinson.  Formerly of Berkley House Frome. And daughter of Lord Auckland.  Late Bishop of Bath & Wells. Died 27th January 1893 aged 60

Also to the memory of Florence Selina Eden 4th daughter of 3rd Baron Auckland.  Born Jaunray 6th 1835.  Died June 5th 1909.

Also to the memory of Maria Harriet Eden.  5th daughter of 3rd Baron Aucklanc.  Born September 14th 1836.  Died Jaunuary 11th 1909."

Emily Ducibella Dickinson was born Emily Ducibella Eden in Hertingbury, Hertfordshire in 1833 to Robert John L Eden, 3rd Baron of Auckland and Bishop of Bath & Wells, and his wife Mary Hurt.

Emily first appears on the 1841 Census living in the parish of Brixton, Surrey at The Vicarage with her parents and siblings Eleanor, Emma, Florence, Maria and Robert.  In 1851 the family had moved to the Isle of Mann in  Bishop's Court.  In 1861 the family had again moved, this time to Somerset.  Visiting the family at the time was Edmund Henry Dickinson, a banker from Somerset.

That same year Emily married Edmund Henry Dickinson, related to the Plantagenets through Lady Isabella Plantagenet.  In 1863 they celebrated the birth of their first son, Robert Edmund.  1864 saw the arrival of Philip Francis, 1866 saw the birth of their first daughter Violet Mary and in 1870 their son Oswald Eden was born.

1871 finds Emily and Edmund living in Berkley House, Frome, Somerset.

1881 Emily and Edmund have moved again, this time to 17 Berkley Street in Middlesex, London.  Living with them at the time is their daughter Violet.  Robery Edmund is a pupil at Trinity College in Cambridge.  I am unable to trace Philip Francis on the 1881 Census.  Oswald Eden is a boarding pupil at Pembroke Lodge School in Somerset.

In 1891 both Emily and Violet are visiting the Nelthrope family in Lincolnshire.  Joining them are Emily's sisters Florence Selina and Maria Harriet.  Edmund can be found in the 1891 Census living in Westbury in Wiltshire.  I am unable to trace both Robert Edmund and Oswald Eden on the 1891 Census, however Robert Edmund Dickinson becomes mayor of Bath in 1899 until 1900.  Philip Francis can be found visiting the Mc Call family at Little Barwick House in Somerset.

Sadly two years later in 1893 Emily passed away and was buried at All Saints Churchyard in Maidenhead.  Edmund was to follow her four years later in 1897.

In 1901 Violet Mary is living with her younger brother Oswald Eden, now a secretary of a building society, at 21 Manchester Street in Marylebone, London.  I am unable to find either Robert or Philip on the 1901 Census.

Interestingly Violet Mary Dickinson complied her aunt Emily Eden's letters and published them into a book called Miss Eden's letters, which is available to preview through Google Books.

Both Florence Selina and Maria Harriet lived together from 1881 in Maidenhead.  In 1901 they were both living at 27 Boyn Hill Avenue, living on own means.  Eight years later they both passed away within five months of each other.  Maria Harriet was the first to die in January 1909, followed by Florence in the June.

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