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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Elsie Jane Nelly Mair-Rumley

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Monument to Elsie Jane Nelly Mair-Rumley, St James the Less Churchyard, Stubbings, Berkshire.
"In loving memory of dear Elsie second daughter of J. G. Mair-Rumley who fell asleep on Sept 5th 1888 aged 7 years - Depearted but not dead; not lost, but gone before -"
Elsie Jane Nelly Mair-Rumley was born on 7th December 1880 in Chelsea London, to John George Valentine Mair-Rumley, an civil engineer, and his wife Louisa Helena Pascoe.  Elsie was christened in the parish of St Luke's, Chelsea, London on 26th February 1881.
On the 1881 Census, Elsie can be found living with her parents and her elder siblings George Pascoe born in 1877 and Ida Florence born in 1878 at 12 Carlyle square in Chelsa, London.
Sadly Elsie was to pass away on 5th September 1888 aged just 7 years.


  1. it's always so sad to see the grave of a child, no matter how old the grave is.

    1. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your comment. Yes, it is always said to see a grave belonging to a child, but I hope that in posting about them in sum small way they are remembered, rather than forgotten to so many.

  2. It makes me wonder what happened to her ---- I thank you for sharing this on Taphophile Tragics.


Thank you for your comment.

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