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Tuesday 3 June 2014

William and Sarah Compton and their sons James and William - The George on The Green Holyport

Memorial to Sarah and William Compton, St Michael's Churchyard, Bray, Berkshire, England.
To The Memory Of
Sarah Compton
The beloved wife of
William Compton
Who died November 9th 1861
In the 57th year of her age
William Compton
Who Died December 2? 1885
In the 84th year of his age."
To The Memory Of
James Compton
Who died September 5th 1885
Aged 45 years
Be therefore ready also for the Son of man cometh
at an hour when ye think not
William Compton
Who died December 23rd 1909
Aged 71 years
Fret not thyself else shalt thou be moved to do evil."
Sarah Compton was born Sarah Field in Cookham Berkshire in 1804.  On 25th July 1836 in New Windsor, Berkshire, Sarah married William Compton, a publican.
William Compton was born in 1802 in Cheetham, Hampshire.
In the February of 1838 they celebrated the birth of their first child, a son William.  A second son James followed in 1849 and a daughter Sarah Anne was born in 1841
Sarah and William first appear on the 1841 Census, living in Holyport where they are running the George Inn on Holyport Green.  Living with their parents are three year old William, two year old James and six month old Sarah.
The George Inn, Holyport, Berkshire
as it is today.
It has changed very little since
William Compton's time.
In 1845 a second daughter Mary Anne was born.
On the 1851 Census Sarah and William are still working and living at The George Inn.  Living with them are their children William, James, Sarah Anne and Mary Anne as well as Charles Dadd, the ostler (stableman) for the Inn.
By 1861 James had left the family home to work as an errand boy for butcher John Bedborough in Castle Street, Windsor, Berkshire.  Sarah and William can still be found living and working at the George Inn in Holyport.  William Jr now also working as a butcher is still living at home.
Five years after the census was taken, Sarah passed away aged 57.
In the December of 1868 Sarah Anne married Henry William Halfacre, a farmer from Bray.
In 1871 the windowed William is still running the George Inn in Holyport with the help of his eldest son William and youngest daughter Mary Anne.
Sarah Anne, her husband Henry and their one year old son Henry are living at Braywood Side.
I have been unable to locate James on the 1871 Census, however by 1881 James has returned home to help his aging father run the George Inn along with his elder brother William and younger sister Mary Ann.  Just 4 years later in the September on 1885 James Compton passed away aged only 45 years.  In the December of that year his father William Compton followed him to the grave.
In 1891 William Jr and Mary Ann are still living and working at the George Inn in Holyport.
In 1901 the sixty two year old William Jr is lodging in the home of Mary Aylin in Holyport, Berkshire.  Eight years later William passed away aged 71.
Unfortunately I have been unable to locate Mary Ann after the 1891 Census.
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