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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Mary Louisa Haines Built - Domestic Cook

Monument to Mary Louisa Haines Built, All Saints Churchyard, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire.
"Sacred To The Memory Of Mary Louisa Built died Dec 19th 1902 aged 39 years."
Mary Louisa Haines Built was born illegitimately to Benedicta Built in 1863 in Ross, Herefordshire, Mary was Christened on 1st April 1863.  Haines may have been her father's surname.  Six years later in 1869 Mary's illegitmate sister, Benedicta Built was born.
On the 1871 Census, eight year old Mary is boarding with the Ashley family at Daycroft House Walford, Herefordshire.  Mary's mother, working as a dressmaker, and younger sister Benedicta are boarding at the home of the Whittaker family at Bulls Hill in Walford, Herefordshire.
In 1875 Mary's mother Benedicta married saddler Charles Lancaster, in Hereford, Herefordshire.
In 1877 Mary and Benedicta's half brother George James Lancaster was born, sadly he died that same year.  Charles and Benedicta Lancaster had no further children together.  Charles had two children from his previous marriage, Drusilla Lancaster and Frederick Charles Lancaster
In 1881 Mary the eighteen year old Mary is still living in the Ashley family home at Daycroft House and his now working as a general servant.  Mary's twelve year old sister, Benedicta, is visiting the home of Elizabeth Davis at 2 Bellevue, Burcott Row, Herefordshire.  Living next door at 3 Shrewsbury Place is Mary and Benedicta's mother Benedicta Lancaster, her husband Charles and his children Drusilla and Frederick. 
I have been unable to locate Mary on the 1891 Census, her sister Benedicta however is working for the Graves family in Bradenham, West Wycombe as a general domestic servant. Mary and Benedicta's mother, is living in the town on Tiberton, Herefordshire with her husband Charles.  Boarding with them are two children twelve year old Alice E Edmonds and eleven year old Leonard Phillips.
In 1901 Mary is working as a domestic cook at Boyne Holme, Maidenhead, Berkshire, the residence of Captain Charles H S Prettyman and his wife Agnes.
Mary's younger sister, Benedicta,  is working as a domestic cook at 1 Ilchester Gardens in Paddington, London in the home of  William Bailey Heath.
An aging Benedicta Lancaster and her husband Charles are now living alone at Crossways, Tiberton, Herefordshire.
Just a year later Mary had passed away at the age of 39.
In 1911, nine years after the death of her sister  Benedicta Built is working as a domestic cook for the Nicholson family at 55 Westbourne Terrace, Paddington, London.
Benedicta Lancaster and her husband Charles have since moved to Wales.  In 1916 Charles Lancaster passes away, followed by Benedicta in 1921 in Knighton, Radnorshire.
Benedicta Built passes away in Windsor, Berkshire in 1953.
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  1. Interesting that they were both cooks --- I wonder if they shared recipes back and forth? :)
    Thanks for linking up with Taphophile Tragics! As you can see, I'm finally visiting around now. :)

  2. In 1891 Mary Louisa Haines Built was a Cook at Fairfield, Peterchurch, Herefordshire, England, the home of Charles H S Prettyman, Commander, Royal Navy.


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