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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Taphophile Tragics - Ellen and Ellen Mary Gould Box - Mother and Baby

Monument to Ellen and Ellen Mary Gould Box, St Luke's Churchyard, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England.
"In fondest memory of Ellen Box dearly loved and loving wife who died September ? 1882 aged 25 years.  Also of Ellen Mary Gould Box who died September 1? 1882 aged 13 days."
There are verses engraved under each dedication, however they were too worn to read.
Ellen Box was born Ellen Turton in Hillingdon, Middlesex, the eldest child of George Turton, a grocer and his wife Elizabeth Randell.
Ellen first appears on the 1861 Census, aged four, living with her parents and two younger brothers James and Ebenezer at the family run grocery shop in Hillingdon, Middlesex.
In 1871, Ellen, now fourteen is still living with her parents at their grocery shop in Hillingdon, Middlesex.  Sadly young Ebenezer passed away in 1863 aged only two years.  But the Turtons had welcomed two sons and three daughters into their family since Ebenezer's passing, William, Alfred, Fanny, Mary and Emily.
In 1881 at the age of twenty four, Ellen is still living with and working at her parent's grocery shop.  The family has expanded to welcome a further two sons and two daughters, Ernest, Herbert, Alice and Edith.  Later that same year Ellen married Ebenezer Gould Box, a woollen merchant from Maidenhead, In Newington, London.
Soon after their marriage Ellen was expecting their first child together, a daughter Ellen Mary Gould Box.  Sadly tragedy was to strike the young family.  Ellen was to pass away first early in September 1882 followed by her baby daughter by mid September.  I am guessing that Ellen succumbed to complications after the birth of her daughter.  Both died in Chelsea, London.  I am unsure why they came to be buried in a Maidenhead churchyard as Ebenezer continued to live out of the area until his own death.
In 1886 Ebenezer married again, to Elizabeth Binns.  Their own family was to be touched by infant mortality.  In the early part of 1888 they celebrated the birth of their first child, a son, Reginald Ebenezer Gould Box.  Sadly baby Reginald was to pass away before his first birthday at the end of 1888.  Ebenezer and Elizabeth had a second son, Lewis S Box in 1894.


  1. White Rabbit Creative Photography https://www.facebook.com/WRCPhoto?ref=hl10 December 2013 at 21:44

    The deaths of mothers and babies are so sad. I wonder why they were buried there too.


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