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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Taphophile Tragics - Mary Jane and Mildred Edith Neal, Mother and Daughter

Monument to Mary Jane and Mildred Edith Neal, All Saints Churchyard, Boyne Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England.

"In ever Loving Memory of Mildred Edith The Dearly Loved Daughter of G. and M. Neal.  Died January 14th 1932 aged 24 years. Thy Will Be Done.  Also In Affectionate Remembrance. A Devoted Mother.  Mary Jane Neal.  Died May 3rd 1851 Aged 83 Years."

Mary Jane Neal was born Mary Jane Bennett in Tetbury, Gloucestershire in 1868.  Unfortunately I have been unable to locate Mary on the Census returns pre 1901.  Mary Jane Bennett is a very popular name.

In 1892 in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, Mary Jane married George Neal, a gardener.  A some point between 1896 and 1899 Mary and George moved to 62 St Mark's Road, Maidenhead.  They had seven children together, Ellen born in 1894, Gertrude born in 1896, Herbert born in 1899, Albert born in 1901, Elise born 1903, Marjorie born 1905 and Mildred born in 1907.  Sadly baby Albert was to die in infancy.

In 1911 Mary's family were still living at 62 St Mark's Road.  Mary Jane is working as a house keeper.  Ellen's occupation is listed as dressmaker and Gertrude as a cashier and book keeper.

Sadly Mildred was to pass away in 1932 aged only 24 years old.  George Neal was to pass away in 1945 aged 76 years and Mary Jane in 1851 aged 83. 

Taphophile Tragics
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