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Tuesday 30 April 2013

William, Emma and Thomas Baxter - Labourers

Monument to William Baxter, Emma Baxter and Thomas Baxter, St James the Less Churchyard, Stubbings, Berkshire.

"Scared to the memory of William Baxter who died April 2nd 1899 aged 61 - Also of - Emma, his wife who died April 3rd 1911 Aged 60 years - For so he giveth his beloved sleep - Also Tom Baxter son of the above who died Oct 12th 1912 aged 38 years - Gone but not forgotten."

William Baxter was born in Coleshill, Berkshire on 21st November 1837 to Thomas Baxter, a general labourer, and his wife Sophia Neat.

He first appears on the 1841 Census aged 3 years living with his parents and elder siblings, Thomas, Eliza and Sarah in Coleshill, Berkshire.

In 1851 William is still living with his parents and elder siblings in Coleshill. Berkshire.  His younger sister Ellen was born in 1850.

I am unable to locate William on the 1861, however on 23rd October 1871 William marries Emma Walker at the parish church of St Peter and St Paul in Coleshill, Berkshire.  William's younger sister Ellen was one of the witnesses to the marriage.

Emma Walker was born in Coleshill Berkshire on 14th June 1851 to John Walker, a agricultural labourer and his wife Elizabeth Hill.  Emma first appears on the 1861 Census, aged 9 years living with her parents and younger brother John in Coleshill. Berkshire.

In 1871, aged 20 Emma is a domestic servant for the Archer family in Coleshill Berkshire.

In 1872 William and Emma had their first child, a son called Fred.  Fred was soon joined by his brother Thomas in 1875, sister Mary in 1878, brother Harry in 1879 and another brother William in 1880.  1881 find the family living in Wickensham Lodge Cottages in Farringdon, Berkshire.

By 1891 William and Emma have moved to Lee's Lane in Pinkney's Green, Berkshire along with Thomas, Harry and William.  Annie Baxter was born in 1884, followed by George in 1889.  Fred Baxter, aged 19 is a servant for Robert Mills, landlord of The Sawn in Streatley, Bradfield, Berkshire.  Mary Baxter, aged 14, is a servant for William Lowe, a baker and grocer of Burchett's Green, Berkshire.

In 1894 Fred Baxter marries Emma Jane Smith

William Baxter sadly passes away on 2nd April 1899.

1901 finds the recently widowed Emma, now working as a laundress and charwoman, living in Town Hall Cottages in Pinkney's Green Berkshire with her sons Thomas, William and George.  A few houses away Annie is s parlour maid for Edward Pemberton Pyott, a retired army colonel. Fred Baxter, now a gardener and his wife Emma (listed as Jane) can be found living in Streatley, Bradfield, Berkshire with their six year old daughter Annie.  Harry Baxter, now a coachman is boarding at the Claxton family's home at 20 Walgrove Road, Kensington London.

I am unable to find any trace of Mary Baxter after 1891.

In 1902 Thomas Baxter married Eleanor Mary Brett in Cambridgeshire.

In 1911 Emma Baxter, now aged 60 is living by herself in Town Hall Cottages.  Emma was to pass away on April 3rd 1911, the day after the 1911 Census was taken.  Thomas Baxter and his wife Eleanor Mary can be found living at Bakers Cottages, Pinkney's Green Berkshire, along with their children William Thomas Baxter aged six and frank Wellington Baxter aged five.  Thomas's listed occupation is, working in clay.  Coopers Brick and Title Kilns are large clay pits in the Pinkney's Green area.  It's possible that Thomas was one of the clay cutters for the pit.

Thomas Baxter was to pass away on 12th October 1912 aged only 38 years.  I wonder if Thomas's occupation had anything to do with his untimely death.

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  1. Hey that was interesting , the cottages in Farringdon I'm told are still there and I know the Swan is at Streatley as its round the corner from me so to speak.


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