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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Rupert Ernest Neve - Killed in an aeroplane accident

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Monument to Rupert Enrest Neve, Peggy Neve, Marjory Edith Neve and Anthony Holloway, All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, All Saints Avenue, Maidenhead Berkshire.

"In humble submission to the will of God and in happy memory of Rupert Ernest Neve R.F.C killed in an aeroplane accident jan 26th 1918 aged 24 years - For whether we live, we live unto the Lord, and whether we die, we die unto the Lord, whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's.  Rom 14. 8
Also Peggy, daughter of H. H & B Neve died Feb 21st 1915, aged 27 hours.
And Marjory Edith Neve, died July 29th  1947 aged 56 years.
Also Anthony Holloway died March 29th 1948 aged 2 days."

Rupert Ernest Neve and his twin brother Arthur Osmond Neve were born on 15th September 1893 in Maidenhead Berkshire to Alfred Hovenden Neve, a draper and clothier operating from 57-61 High Street Maidenhead, and Emma Hankin Skillman.  Rupert attended Desborough School for Boys in Maidenhead, the school has a private memorial to him in their building.

In 1911 Rupert was boarding at 121 Castle Hill, Reading with the Venn family.  His occupation is listed as an ironmongers apprentice.  On 23rd April 1913 Rupert was involved in a motorcycle accident, the Slough, Eton & Windsor Observer on 26th April 1913 reported;

"A motorcycle and van collide-
About 8:30 Wednesday evening, a horse and van, driven by George Haines, of 17, Grenville [sic] Place, Maidenhead, was proceeding to London, when a motorcycle, ridden by Mr. Rupert Ernest Neve, of High Street, Maidenhead, who was going in the same direction, collided with the rear of the van.  Neve sustained a cut lip and was attended by Dr. Sadler, of Slough.  Mr. William Egleton, of Bray Mills, near Maidenhead, was riding on the carrier of the cycle and received a bruised head and cut fingers."

Rupert was one of the first groups of young men to volunteer at the outbreak of World War I.  He first enlisted on 15th September 1914 in the Public Schools Battalion of The Royal Fusiliers and was then promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in the 9th King's Shropshire Light Infantry but shortly transferred to the R.F.C (Royal Flying Corps).  Ruperst twin brother served as a Lance Corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps.  Rupert passed is flying certificate on a Maurice Farman Biplane on 6th July 1916.  During an aerial fight over France sometime in March 1917, Rupert was severely injured but was able to bring his plane back behind British lines. 

Rupert had only just been reported fit to for active service when on 26th January 1918, his Sopwith Camel B.5235 biplane collapsed midair over Croyden, Surrey due to excessive vibration.

Sopwith Camel B.5235

Peggy Neve was born on 20th February 1915 to Harold Hovenden Neve, Rupert's elder brother and Beatrice Rolfe.  Sadly she was to pass away on 21st February 1915 just 27 hours after her birth.

Marjory E Neve

Marjory Edith Neve, known as Madge, Rupert's elder sister, was born on 29th May 1891 in Maidenhead Berkshire.  She lived and worked at her father's drapery store at 57-61 High Street Maidenhead.  She never married and died aged 56 on 29th July 1947

Neve Bros

Unfortunately There is very little I can find out about Anthony Holloway, other than his mother's maiden name was Neve.  I am unable to locate a marriage between a Neve and Holloway that fits.  There is one, but it took place in 1973, 25 years after Anthony's death.

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  1. ooo what fascinating research. I love it when the headstone of my choice throws up such juicy information.

    Poor old Madge. I figure her to be a victim of WW1. She was born in 1891, right. Making her 23 when the war broke out and 27 when it ceased. All the young men of her era and her area were taken away to be tossed into muddy trenches on the continent.

    I have found headstones where quite a few different surnames are engraved, and it would take lots of time to sort them all out. I was hoping that perhaps Anthony was Madge's guilty secret. But no ... for obvious reasons.

    Great stuff.

  2. Thank you. It is possible that the fates consipred against Madge regarding marriage. In some cases villages lost all their young men and entire families were wiped out. This is why the military put a stop to Pal divisions where whole groups of young men from the same school or inductry joined up together.

  3. that is interesting to read, i didnt know they stopped putting men from the same school etc together. but it, unfortunately, makes perfect sense.

    1. Thank you. Yes, they stopped it in the Second World War.

  4. Anthony was by brother but I never knew him. I was the next child, born in August 1949 and I have three younger siblings. I am glad to report that my parents, Dennis and Anne, went on the have a long and happy marriage which lasted for 60years.

    1. Beneath Thy Feet20 June 2016 at 07:57

      Thank you for your comment.


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