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Friday 31 August 2012

Guest Post - Greenbank Cemetery Bristol

Emily Davis from Invasion Of The Creeps writes about her visit to Greenbank Cemetery in Bristol.

"Greenbank Cemetery was the first large cemetery after Arnos Cemetery to be set up in Bristol in 1871. It was extended in 1880 and again in 1899. In the north eastern section of the cemetery are the memorials to the civilians who died during the Bristol Blitz. Greenbank cemetery also contains a military cemetery from British and Commonwealth servicemen as well as graves of a German Luftwaffe crew killed during the Blitz. The Commonwealth War Graves commission indicates that 178 First World War and 129 Second World War casualities are commemorated at Greenbank Cemetery."

"The pics were just taken on my little hand held digital one sunny afternoon about 4 years ago and I was looking for graves with interesting carvings more than details.  The central chapel, which I don't have any pics of is in a dreadful state of repair, and I know some of the graves have been moved over to Canford."



"It is a beautiful place. Very peaceful and well kept. There is a proper gate and gatehouse, and paths that lead of to the left and older parts of the cemetery, to the right and the newer grave, and a drive that leads straight ahead and up to the central abandonded chapel. On the way up this drive is an avenue of angels and the like on high memorial plinths. There are angels everywhere in the cemetery. A lot of the older families have elaborate tombs."

All photgraphs copyright of Emily Davis and reproduced with permission.

To read more from Emily, please visit her blog at Invasion Of The Creeps.


  1. Looks like palce I'd like to visit.

  2. Bill - It's a beautiful place. I just wish they would take better care of it. The chapel is so pretty, but it's just being left to ruin because the council don't want to spend the money.

    What's interesting is that it's very hard to find any information relating to Greenbank - Who gave the land? Who paid for the chapel, gatehouse, and railings?

    The other thing that makes the place quite so special is it's proximity to the Stapleton Road area of Easton, which is well known for being one of the most dangerous areas in the UK. In amongst the chaos is this little capsule of calm and tranquility.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful pictures... I was going through some of my mothers old papers since she died and found some very interesting paperwork on Greenbank cemetery. My GGGrandmother bought a plot there and I found the original papers for it, plus the receipts for the burials for her, her husband, daughter and husband! The plot cost £12/2/6d in 1910 and burials then cost £2/14/6d each! I have those original papers and some interesting reading! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I am now about to visit the Cemetery.. not sure if the grave will still be there or visible but I want to take a look and these pictures have stimulated my enthusiasm :) Thank you.

    1. Beneath Thy Feet28 October 2013 at 06:13

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad that this post was able to inspire you. Those burial and plot costs are very interesting, especially when you consider that the average annual wage for a working class woman in 1910 was £70 17s 5d.

  4. You may be interested to know that a group have taken over the running of the Chapel and are working to stop the rot and put it into community use.


  5. Very interesting website. Just found out my gggrandfather buried in Greenbank Cemetery so found you when looking up location. With regard who land purchased from look up GREENBANK CEMETERY NATIONAL ARCHIVES website its all there.
    Paul BROOKMAN (Bristol Family)

  6. I have just found out my gggrandfather was buried at Greenbank, so hope to visit soon. Found your website when looking for location of Greenbank.
    Details of land and beginnings of cemetery can be found on National archives website under Greenbank cemetery.
    Paul Brookman (Bristol Family)

  7. I came past the cemetery and had to stop by the avenue gates looking toward chapel...I was wondering if you can dr e a car in there and park up. I volunteer at Arnos vale ...another Bristolian gem...


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