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Friday 9 May 2014

Flashback Friday - Seabury and Coombs - Mother, Son and Father

Monument to Mary Ann and Maurice Seabury, Bray Parish Cemetery, Holyport, Berkshire.

"In loving remeberance of Mary Ann Seabury born March 4th 1858 died January 6th 1923
Also Maurice Seabury born March 16th 1900 deid july 23rd 1904
In The Hand of God."

Mary Ann Seabury was born Mary Ann Coombs on 4th March 1858 in Fifield, Bray Berkshire to Thomas Coombs, a labourer, and Sarah Lovejoy.

Three year old Mary can be found on the 1861 Census living on her paternal grandfather's farm in Fifield, along with her parents, elder half brother Thomas Lovejoy and younger sister Caroline Coombs.  The family are still living with John Coombs at his farm in 1871, however the family had expanded to welcome a further six children, Catherine, Annie, Samuel, William, Nelson and Arthur.

On the 1881 Census Mary Ann is listed as a housemaid with the Duncombe family of 8 Ashwood Road, Chelsea.  Mary married Joseph Seabury, a coachman and groom in 1887.  Their first son Joseph Neville Seabury was born in 1889, followed eleven years later by Maurice Henry Seabury.

In 1891 Mary Ann is living at 15 Warwrick Square Mews in Belgrave, London with her husband Joseph and their son Neville.

On the 1901 census, three years before Maurice was to pass away, the one year old boy can be found living with his parents and elder brother at 88 Ebury Mews in St George Hanover Square, London.  After Murice's death on the 1911 census the family can be found living at 205 Pavillion Road, Chelsea, London.

Joseph Seabury was to live without his wife for a further eighteen years, he passed away in 1941 aged 82

The ferns carved into the top of Mary and Maurice's gravestone symbolise sorrow and sincerity.

Buried next to Mary Ann and Maurice is Mary Ann's father Thomas Coombs, who passed away on 18th March 1903.  Thomas was born in Fifield, Berkshire in 1834 to John Coombs a farmer.  Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any information on Thomas's mother.

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  1. Hi. Thomas Court was one of my G2grandfathers. His mother Anna Maria Hopkins, was housekeeper to farmer John Coombs. No evidence they married and Thomas sometimes went by Coombs and sometimes by Hopkins throughout his life, including in his Will. He was obviously close to John. May have been John's natural son or may have been adopted by John. Loved finding your post!


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